Procurement, Travel, & Disbursements

Chrome River

New feature! Unused Transactions Count

There is now an eWallet ribbon on the Chrome River Dashboard (Homescreen) that displays users' total count of unused expense transactions.  This allows expense owners and delegates to view unused transaction information at a glance including unused transactions in your eWallet and any unused document in the receipt gallery that displays an amount.  Clicking on the transaction count will open the eWallet to the All Transactions tab.  

Chrome River SNAP App Connection

To enhance security, the Chrome River SNAP app's connection between a user's mobile device and their Chrome River account will now expire after 180 days, regardless of usage or inactivity.  Users may reestablish the connection by logging in again. 

The Chrome River SNAP app enables users to quickly and easily capture and upload receipt images right when the expense occurs. Users simply snap a photo of the receipt using the app and it will be uploaded directly to their Receipt Gallery and the Offline tab of the eWallet for use the next time they access Chrome River.

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Mileage Reimbursement Rate Decrease

Effective January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021, the maximum mileage reimbursement rate for state employee travel in a personal vehicle will decrease to 56 cents per mile (down from 57.5 cents in 2020).  This rate is consistent with the Internal Revenue Service's standard mileage rate.

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Purchasing & P-Card

New Account Code Procedure For Capital Purchases

Effective 1-25-2021 if a department is purchasing a capital item (over $5000) then the freight charges should be included in the total cost of the item purchased.  This means the capital purchase account code will be the only one used, no separate account code for shipping. (Example – Scientific equipment cost is $5200, and shipping is $250, then dept. would prepare one-line item with description on the purchase requisition to include shipping and total would be $5450 for that line and FOAP).  Contact your assigned Purchaser for details, clarification, or assistance.

Updates to Aramark Catering Form and Alcohol Policy

The Aramark Catering Form and the Blanket Aramark Catering Form have been updated to now include an Alcohol section within the forms.  When filled out and coded correctly with the 731501 account code the form will now route through the Presidents Office for alcohol approval. 

There is no longer any need to fill out and send the Alcohol Beverage Service Request Form for approvals when using the Aramark forms.  The Aramark forms are also automated to send the notifications to the University Police Department.  Once a Purchase Order is created the end user will need to send a copy of the Purchase Order to the building liaison where the event with alcohol will be held.

The Presidents updated PRE-01 Alcohol Beverage Policy can be found at the following link:

Virtual Booth Rentals at Conferences

When exhibiting at conferences, agencies normally pay a fee for booth space; with the current trend toward virtual conferences featuring showcase booths, similar fees still apply.  These fees are payable. When deciding which object/account code to use the determining factor is what SHSU receives in exchange for the payment. 

  • If some type of designated "space" is purchased, use account/object code 7470 (Rental of Space).  For example:  The fee provides a virtually showcased booth. 
  • If there is a fee to participate in the virtual event, but no designated “space,” then comptroller object 7210 (Fees and Other Charges) would be appropriate. For example: The fee secures a role or presence in the virtual conference, but no virtual booth or space will be available for use

Use these examples to determine what the virtual booth consists of to choose the appropriate comptroller object

Purchase Books - Barnes and Nobles

As a reminder, per a binding contract with SHSU and Barnes and Nobles Bookstore, departments are required to contact Barnes and Nobles on campus  regarding availability and purchase of books and/or course materials prior to purchasing with an outside vendor. Barnes and Nobles has a right of refusal on all textbook and course material purchases and if these types of items are unavailable will provide a waiver in writing stating the books requested are unavailable and authorizing the use of an outside vendor. 

Departments are then advised to complete a Requisition in BearKatBuy and attach the waiver from Barnes and Nobles to the request.  Please contact your Purchaser for more information and assistance with this process.  

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BearKatBuy Comments

BearKatBuy comments need to only be sent to the recipient when providing an invoice for payment. The specific acctspay recipient can be found by selecting the user search and typing acctspay in the Email field.  The invoice will be processed by an individual processor once comment is disbursed from the shared inbox.

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