Procurement & Business Services

No. Name Next Review
PUR-01 General Policies April 2020 View PDF
PUR-02 Ethics April 2020 View PDF
PUR-03 Procurement Authority April 2020 View PDF
PUR-04 Purchasing-Noncomplying Regulations April 2020 View PDF
PUR-05 Purchasing Process May 2020 View PDF
PUR-06 Term Contracts April 2020 View PDF
PUR-08 P-Card December 2022 View PDF
P-Card Procedures Nov 2022 View PDF
PUR-09 Purchases/Other May 2020 View PDF
PUR-10 Advertisements April 2020 View PDF
PUR-11 Request for Proposal April 2020 View PDF
PUR-12 Property Department Scrap Metal Sales May 2020 View PDF
PUR-13 How to Purchase Live Animals for Agriculture May 2020 View PDF
PUR-14 How to Sell Live Animals May 2020 View PDF
PUR-15 How to Lease Out Animals May 2020 View PDF
PUR-16 Transfer and Disposal of Property February 2022 View PDF
PUR-17 Purchases with Higher Education Assistance Funds (HEAF) May 2020 View PDF
PUR-18 Management of Compressed Gases & Cylinders January 2021 View PDF
PUR-19 Achievement of Awards May 2020 View PDF
PUR-20 Vendor Ethics August 2020 View PDF
PUR-21 Contract Administration/Management August 2022 View PDF
PUR-23 Property December 2022 View PDF
PUR-24 Mail Services April 2020 View PDF
FO-11 Memberships (Chamber of Commerce) December 2019 View PDF
FO-16 Fees for Professional Licenses December 2019 View PDF
FO-20 Food Service December 2019 View PDF
FO-36 Membership Fees December 2019 View PDF
TR-01 General Travel September 2021 View PDF
TR-02 Lodging September 2021 View PDF
TR-03 Overnight Travel Meal Reimbursement September 2020 View PDF
TR-04 Mileage September 2021 View PDF
TR-05 Non-Overnight Travel Meal Expenses September 2020 View PDF
TR-06 Spousal Travel September 2020 View PDF
TR-07 Student Travel with Faculty/Staff September 2021 View PDF
TR-08 Student Travel September 2021 View PDF
TR-09 Travel Advance September 2021 View PDF
TR-10 Travel Card September 2021 View PDF
TR-11 Foreign Travel September 2020 View PDF
TR-12 Travel Authorization September 2021 View PDF
TR-13 Expense Certification September 2021 View PDF
FO-15 Expenditures December 2019 View PDF
FO-27 Merchandise Purchases by Employees December 2019 View PDF
FO-63 Direct Pay December 2019 View PDF