Pre-Approval Travel Report

The Pre-Approval Report should be completed and approved prior to travel, regardless of the cost to the university.

Pre-approvals reports must be completed and approved before travel for overnight in-state, out-of-state, and foreign travel for SHSU employees and student travelers. An approved Pre-Approval Report encumbers the funds if budget is available in the 710 (Travel) Budget Pool in Banner.

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Who approves your travel?


Who approves your travel?

Due to COVID19, additional approval is needed prior to creating a Pre-Approval Report for travel via common carrier.

via Common Carrier

Attach approval documentation from your Vice President to Pre-Approval Report.

Approvals vary by funding source and organizational structure. Approvers will receive an email from Chrome River when approval is needed.

All Travel

Approved by Chair & Dean or Director

Out of State Travel

Additional approval by Vice President

Foreign Travel

Additional approval by International Programs & Risk Management

Grant Funded Travel

Additional approval by Principal Investigator (PI) and Office of Research Administration

Chrome River


FGIENCD Banner Report. The last 7-digits of the Pre-Approval Report ID are prefixed with “C” to encumber funds on FGIENCD in Banner. The encumbrance description will show the last name of Chrome River Profile and the Pre-Approval full 12 digit number.

Banner Account Code. All travel encumbrances are applied to one Banner account code 710000 – Chrome River Travel Office Use Only.

Manual Close. A balance may still be holding funds in Banner and require a manual close. The SHSU travel card alleviates the need to request a manual close of the encumbrance.

Always Check Banner. Pre-Approvals status indicator may not reflect the same information as Banner. It’s important to always review Banner to obtain accurate encumbrance data.