Pre-Approval Report


COVID19 Guidelines

Effective through Dec 31, 2020

University-Sponsored domestic travel via common carrier requires additional approval from the employee’s Vice President. The approval document must include the purpose and destination of travel. You can attach the document to your Pre-Approval report. All University-Sponsored international travel is prohibited.

The Pre-Approval Report should be completed and approved prior to travel, regardless of the cost to the university.

Pre-approvals reports must be completed and approved before travel for overnight in-state, out-of-state, and foreign travel for SHSU employees and student travelers. An approved Pre-Approval Report encumbers the funds if budget is available in the 710 (Travel) Budget Pool in Banner.

Who approves your travel?

Due to COVID19, additional approval is needed prior to creating a Pre-Approval Report for travel via common carrier.

via Common Carrier

Attach approval documentation from your Vice President to Pre-Approval Report. (Effective until 12/31/2020)

Approvals vary by funding source and organizational structure. Approvers will receive an email from Chrome River when approval is needed.

All Travel

Approved by Chair & Dean or Director

Out of State Travel

Additional approval by Vice President

Foreign Travel

Additional approval by International Programs & Risk Management

Grant Funded Travel

Additional approval by Principal Investigator (PI) and Office of Research Administration

Chrome River


FGIENCD Banner Report. The last 7-digits of the Pre-Approval Report ID are prefixed with “C” to encumber funds on FGIENCD in Banner. The encumbrance description will show the last name of Chrome River Profile and the Pre-Approval full 12 digit number.

Banner Account Code. All travel encumbrances are applied to one Banner account code 710000 – Chrome River Travel Office Use Only.

Manual Close. A balance may still be holding funds in Banner and require a manual close. The SHSU travel card alleviates the need to request a manual close of the encumbrance.

Always Check Banner. Pre-Approvals status indicator may not reflect the same information as Banner. It’s important to always review Banner to obtain accurate encumbrance data.