The Fund, Organization, Account, and Program (FOAP) codes are required elements of a coding sequence in Banner, whereas the Activity and Location codes are only used by specific departments and are not required elements.

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Fund Number Source Definition
11XXXX Educational & General (E&G) State appropriated funds consisting of General Revenue (state taxes) and state mandated tuition.
120100 ‐ 120300 Special Appropriations Appropriated funding awarded for a particular study, purpose, or activity.
120400 Higher Education Fund (HEF) General Revenue provided by the Texas Legislature for capital expenditures.
140100 Designated Tuition Tuition received from students.
15XXXX Designated Other Fees received from students (Technology fee, Student Service fee, etc.).
16XXXX Designated Research Funds established to encourage and provide research conducted by faculty members.
17XXXX Auxiliary Fees Fixed fees received from students that are designated for campus auxiliaries (Medical Service fee, Athletic fee, etc.).
18 ‐ 19XXXX Auxiliary Services Funds collected to directly support the area that collected the fee.
21XXXX Current Restricted Gifts from private donors.
22XXXX, 25XXXX, 26 ‐ 29XXXX Awards Contracts and grants from various sponsors.
31 ‐ 33XXXX Scholarship Scholarship funds from various sources.
34XXXX, 38 ‐ 39XXXX, 41XXXX Financial Aid Receipt and disbursement of funds related to student financial aid.
51XXXX Quasi Endowment Funds functioning as endowments which are used to report resources that the governing board has determined are to be maintained and managed like an endowment.
59XXXX Life Income Donated funds functioning like an annuity.
61XXXX Endowment Funds to which a donor has stipulated, as a condition of the gift, that the gift is to be maintained inviolate and in perpetuity.
71XXXX Charter School Funds received from the Texas Education Agency to be used to support the operations of an open enrollment, public charter school.
81XXXX Agency Funds Funds held on behalf of external parties.
95XXXX Unexpected Plant Funds Funds used for construction or major repairs and renovation projects.
Program Code Usage
00 ‐ Revenue This code should be used for agency funds (starting with 81) and revenue.
10 ‐ Instruction
  • Academic Teaching Departments (Includes faculty, support staff, TAs, O&M, etc.)
  • Sudy Abroad
  • Field Schools
20 ‐ Research
  • Sponsored Research
  • Internal and external
  • Graduate Research Assistants
  • Research Centers
  • Research Proposal and Administration
30 ‐ Public Service Operations that exist to serve the community, such as
  • Museum
  • Small Business Center
  • CMIT
  • Charter School
35 ‐ Hospital Clinic College of Osteopathic Medicine Hospital Clinic use only
40 ‐ Academic Support
  • Dean's Offices or organizations that belong to the "College"
  • Programs in academic areas that are not instructional
  • Radio Station, Writing Journals
  • Lab fees
  • Quality Enhancement Plans, Faculty Senate, and other faculty resources
  • Student Success Initiatives, Graduate School, Development Programs, PACE, ACE, Academic Success Center, SHSU Online
  • Library
  • IT ‐ Systems Client Services, Project Management
50 ‐ Student Services
  • Fund 170400
  • All Student Activities
    • Band, Cheerleaders, etc.
    • Events (Sammypalooza, Commencement)
    • Student Services
    • Sam Center, Testing Center, Counseling Center, Medical Services, OneCard
  • Enrollment Management
    • Financial Aid
    • Visitor Services
    • Registrar
    • Admissions, etc.
  • Student Facilities
    • Coliseum
    • Bearkat Camp
    • Pritchett Fields
    • Rec Sports when not on 18/19 funds
60 ‐ Institutional Support
  • Office of the President
  • All VP Offices (including Provost)
  • Resources for all University employees
  • Staff Council
  • Departments that support the institution as a whole
    • Budget
    • Controller's Office
    • Payroll
    • IT‐ERP
    • Procurement
70 ‐ Maintenance and Operations Facilities and Police use only.
71 ‐ Depreciation Controller’s Office use only.
80 ‐ Scholarships
  • Scholarships using account codes that begin with 7583XX.
  • Work study salary and benefits.
90 ‐ Auxiliary Funds that start with 18 or 19, including scholarships on these funds.
91 ‐ Athletics Athletics, including athletic scholarships.


  • Other than scholarships, research, and auxiliaries, your organization should be consistent in the program code it uses. For instance: If you are the Computer Science Department, you should be using program code 10 for your primary organization since you are an instructional area.
  • Program codes for grants are determined by the Office of Research Administration when the grant is initially set up.
  • Program codes for grants are determined by the Office of Research Administration when the grant is initially set up.
  • An EPAF is required to change the program code on a salary.
  • If a detail code has an incorrect program code, please contact the Controller’s Office.

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