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Chrome River

  • New feature! Unused Transactions Count

    There is now an eWallet ribbon on the Chrome River Dashboard (Home screen) that displays users' total count of unused expense transactions.  This allows expense owners and delegates to view unused transaction information at a glance including unused transactions in your eWallet and any unused document in the receipt gallery that displays an amount.  Clicking on the transaction count will open the eWallet to the All Transactions tab.  

    Last Modified: 5-09-2022

  • Amazon Automated Receipts

    Chrome River’s Amazon Business Integration automatically imports Amazon Business purchases into Chrome River.  A receipt is automatically generate and attached to each Amazon business transaction in Chrome River, making it simple for users to add them to the expense reports.  

    Last Modified: 4-25-2022

  • Maintenance scheduled for Saturday December 21, 2019 at 6pm.

    The system will be offline for approximately 4 hours while they upgrade the infrastructure.

    Last Modified: 1-21-2022

  • Support for OFD File Format in Chrome River

    Chrome River EXPENSE now allows desktop and mobile browser users to upload OFD format images to expense report headers and line items, the eWallet, and the Receipt Gallery. Support for OFD upload via the Chrome River mobile app will be added in a future release.

    Last Modified: 1-12-2022

  • Chrome River Mobile App

    Users of the Chrome River app may now open all deep links from emails within the app.  When users have the Chrome River app installed on a mobile device and open an approval email on that device, clicking on a link in the email will automatically open the report or the receipts in the app on their device. 

    Last Modified: 1-12-2022

  • Upcoming Change: Deprecation of Internet Explorer

    Due to Microsoft's deprecation of Internet Explorer on Aug. 17, 2021, Chrome River will be fully deprecating the browser beginning the first release in January 2022.  At that time, users will no longer be able to access Chrome River via any version of Internet Explorer.


    Please begin accessing Chrome River via the latest version of one of Chrome River's supported browsers: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Apple Safari.

    Last Modified: 11-09-2021

  • New Top Navigation Bar Coming Soon!

    Chrome River will soon introduce an all-new top navigation bar that prioritizes key information and streamlines the user interfaceThe top navigation bar will be enhanced with new dedicated buttons for quick access to the Chrome River Help Center and the Admin Settings menu.

     The + CREATE buttons used to create new expenses and pre-approval requests will be relocated to the EXPENSE and PRE-APPROVAL ribbons.

    Chrome River will add PLUS buttons to the Draft, Returned and Submitted lists, giving users another easy option for starting new reports and pre-approval requests.  User who have no draft items, will see a large plus button in the center of the Draft pane that allows them to quickly create a new one.


    Last Modified: 10-21-2021

  • Recall Reports from Dashboard

    Users are able to Recall an expense report to make changes and/or updates to report information prior to approval.  Recall Expense Routing allows expense owners and/or delegates to place any expense report in Draft status as long as none of the line items have been fully approved.  Chrome River has added a RECALL button to the Returned Expense Reports Dashboard making it easier to recall a returned report.  You can also access the RECALL button on the Submitted expense Reports dashboard to move a pending report back to the Draft status to make changes and/or updates.  

    Last Modified: 8-12-2021

  • Limit of 100 Line items per Expense Report

    Based on research indicating that having a large number of expenses on a report negatively affected user experience for expense owners and approvers, Chrome River will now limit the total number of line items allowed on a single expense report to 100. This includes itemizations on expense types like Hotel, line items created using the Per Diem Wizard, and line items created via the Import Pre-Approval feature. A line item countdown will appear in the expense report header when the user is 20 items away from the limit. 

    Last Modified: 8-12-2021

  • CR SNAP Update

    CR SNAP has been updated to Version 3.0.3 in preparation for an upcoming security enhancement in Version 3.0.5 that limits the number of devices each user may have logged in to the app.

    • When users update to Version 3.0.3, they will be automatically logged out of CR SNAP on all devices and need to log back in.
    • With the release of 3.0.5, users will see a new “Device Limit Reached” screen when they have three devices logged into CR SNAP and attempt to log in on a fourth device. The screen will list all the active devices and allow users to remove one or more devices in order to log in on the current device. 

    It is essential that users upgrade to Version 3.0.3 when it is released because CR SNAP versions 3.0.2 and older will be unusable after Version 3.0.5 is released. Users who are not on at least 3.0.3 at the time of 3.0.5’s release will either be unable to upload receipts or will receive a generic error message when they attempt to log in.

    Last Modified: 8-12-2021

  • Chrome River SNAP App Connection

    To enhance security, the Chrome River SNAP app's connection between a user's mobile device and their Chrome River account will now expire after 180 days, regardless of usage or inactivity.  Users may reestablish the connection by logging in again. 

    The Chrome River SNAP app enables users to quickly and easily capture and upload receipt images right when the expense occurs. Users simply snap a photo of the receipt using the app and it will be uploaded directly to their Receipt Gallery and the Offline tab of the eWallet for use the next time they access Chrome River.

    Last Modified: 6-03-2021

  • Unencumber approved Pre-Approval Reports through an Expire button for TRAVEL.

    Campus users will now have the ability to unencumber approved Pre-Approval Reports through an Expire button if a travel is cancelled or no expenses are claimed.  The Expire button is available to select when there are no expense transactions requiring reconciliation or no reimbursement owed due to travel being canceled.  The unused/expire status will also release the unused remaining balance in Banner that is present after a reimbursement is processed.  The new process will alleviate the need to submit the Release Encumbrance Request Form.

    Last Modified: 3-02-2021

  • Coming Soon to Chrome River, Amazon Itemization and Automatic Receipts for P-CARD.

    Chrome River has announced a new benefit for Amazon Business customers, thanks to a new integrated solution for Mastercard corporate cardholders. 

    The integrated solution automatically renders e-receipts directly in the customer’s receipt wallet within Chrome River. Once in the receipt gallery, each transaction is automatically parsed into individual line items and categorized based on the customer’s purchasing history and University policies.  This feature should be available in Chrome River in late December 2020 or early January 2021.  


    Last Modified: 3-02-2021

  • Chrome River SNAP App for iPhone and Android now Available!

    The SNAP app enables users to quickly and easily capture and upload receipt images right when the expense occurs. Users simply snap a photo of the receipt using the app and it will be uploaded directly to their Receipt Gallery and the Offline tab of the eWallet for use the next time they access Chrome River.

    Last Modified: 4-30-2020

  • Download the Chrome River Mobile App with Single Sign On!

    Chrome River recently announced the newest addition to their mobile capabilities: the Chrome River mobile app for Apple and Android Devices!

    Chrome River is a mobile application that offers users a simple, secure way to log in to the Chrome River Expense application.  Users can easily upload receipts; create, submit , and approve expense reports; approve transactions; and much more.  The app allows users to get the same look-and-feel and full range of functionality on every device.  The Chrome River mobile app can also be used with Chrome River SNAP.

    1.  Open the Apple App store or Google Play Store on your smartphone, and use the search bar to search for "Chrome River".
    2.  Tap on the Chrome River application with the blue Chrome River logo, then tap the GET button to download it.
    3.  Once the app has downloaded, tap OPEN to access it and sign on with your SHSU single sign on authentication.
    4.  Spend some time using the Chrome River app.

    Last Modified: 4-30-2020

  • New BearKatBuy shopping page with sidebar and icon changes!

    Effective Monday November 11, 2019 the sidebar icons and top icons were changed in BearKatBuy to display a more user friendly look. 

    Last Modified: 4-02-2020

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  • Concur – Travel Assistant Guide

    Employees can specify a travel assistant in Concur to provide access to an individual to book reservations (airfare, hotel, and car rental) on behalf of the traveler. All employees are encouraged to review the individual selected as a travel assistant to ensure accuracy.

    Travel office staff may already appear as an assistant from previous inquires or due to unused airfare tickets. Please review the link below for guidance on how to navigate Concur and update your travel assistance information.  

    How to Assign a Travel Assistant

    Last Modified: 7-12-2023

  • All departments should utilize this time to review any open encumbrances for Travel and complete an expense report if transactions are associated with the travel.

    If an Expense Report was not tied to the Pre-Approval at the time of submittal, then the encumbrance will remain open on the departmental FOAP.  Please submit a Release Encumbrance Request Form (found on the Forms page) with the required information to  Please ensure that the travel is reviewed prior to submitting the form to release encumbrance.  

    Last Modified: 1-21-2022

  • Mileage Reimbursement

    Mileage reimbursement is not permissible between SHSU properties when the one-way distance is 15 miles or less for routine business/pick up during normal working hours.  If the mileage exceeds the minimum distance, then full mileage can be claimed. 

    Last Modified: 11-10-2021

  • Year End Deadlines

    • All travel using a travel card before 08/01/21 must be reconciled and submitted through Chrome River by noon


    • Completed Travel Expense Reports (not using travel card) for reimbursement before 08/31/21


    • Travel Expense Reports will be accepted after this; however, reimbursement may occur after September 1, 2021.


    • Direct Pay (State) – Due by 5:00 p.m.


    • Direct Pay (Local) – Due by 5:00 p.m.


    • All receiving in BearKatBuy for FY 21 POs must be completed by 5:00 p.m.


    • All invoices for FY 21 payments must be in Disbursements before noon


    Last Modified: 10-21-2021

  • Mileage Reimbursement

    Mileage reimbursement is not permissible between SHSU properties when one-way Distance is 15 miles or less for routine business deliveries/pick up during normal working hours.  If mileage exceeds the minimum distance, then full mileage can be claimed.

    Last Modified: 10-21-2021

  • Mileage Reimbursement Rate Decrease

    Effective January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021, the maximum mileage reimbursement rate for state employee travel in a personal vehicle will decrease to 56 cents per mile (down from 57.5 cents in 2020).  This rate is consistent with the Internal Revenue Service's standard mileage rate.

    Last Modified: 6-03-2021

  • Travel Mileage Rate Changes

    Beginning January 1, 2020, the new rate in the US is 57.5 cents per mile for business miles driven and 17 cents per mile for moving mileage.  Chrome River and all supporting systems have been updated to reflect this change.

    Last Modified: 4-30-2020

  • No special characters allowed for Report Name or Title in Chrome River.

    Special characters (#, &, %) in the Report Name or Title cause the report to fail in Banner and will delay the reimbursement.

    Last Modified: 3-06-2020

  • Next Year refers to fiscal year.

    Only use check box for Next Year Travel for fiscal year only. Encumbrances will not feed into Banner until FY21 if the check box is selected. University fiscal year ends 8/31, so the box will only be selected if the travel takes place after 8/31.

    Last Modified: 3-02-2020

  • Ghost Cards are used to charge airfare to the departments FOAP.

    Adjustments can only be made through the Controllers Office if more than one FOAP is needed per trip.

    Last Modified: 2-05-2020

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Purchasing & P-Card

  • Year End Deadlines

    For complete details go to

    • Request for proposals (any dollar amount) requisition must be received in Procurement approval queue by 5:00 p.m.


    • Formal bids (over $15,000 and including HEAF) requisition must be received in Procurement approval queue by 5:00 p.m.


    • FY 21 BearKatBuy requisitions (under $15,000 or on a contract not requiring bids) must be submitted by noon


    • P-Card – The P-Card can be utilized through the end of the fiscal year. P-Card transactions requiring a Technology Oversight Approval (TOA) must have an approved TOA form issued from IT@Sam by August 2, 2021 at 5:00 p.m. The billing cycle for the P-Card will end on September 3, 2021 at midnight. You may begin generating your Expense Reports on Monday, September 6, 2021. In an effort to ensure that all payments are made in a timely manner, all transactions (state, agency, grant, and local) must be reconciled and submitted in Chrome River by Friday, September 10, 2021 at 3:00pm. Any transactions utilizing STATE/APPROPRIATED funds during this billing cycle will be paid from FY 22 funds.

    • P-Card transactions paid using grant funds during this billing cycle must be reconciled and submitted on a separate expense report on Friday, September 10, 2021. 

        • Departments with expenses allocated to local, state and grant funds will need to report those expenses on two separate reports.  
          • 1st report should list ONLY local and state appropriated expenses and allocations during the cycle.  Any transactions utilizing STATE/APPROPRIATED funds during this billing cycle will be paid from FY22 funds because of the State Comptrollers deadlines for reporting that occur before the P-Card report due date. 
          • 2nd report should list ONLY expenses paid with grant funds during the cycle.  The report should be titled “Your Departments Name (as it appears on your P-Card), Current Year, P-Card Report - Grants”  i.e. Procurement, 2021 P-Card Report – Grants.

    • If departmental transactions are not fully reconciled and submitted by the deadline of September 10th, Procurement will intervene and apply them to FY 21 departmental funds so the bill can be paid on time. If you are a new delegate and require reconciliation training within Chrome River, please contact Procurement to set up a date and time for training before the September 10th deadline. Any transaction that does not post to your account during this billing cycle will be paid out of FY 22 funds.

    Last Modified: 7-07-2022

  • Staples/Summus (HUB Partner)

    Procurement and Business services is excited to announce the newly awarded office supply contract with Staples/Summus (HUB Partner), which replaced Office Depot/PDME in January 2022 .  The new contract was approved by the TSUS Board of Regents at the November 2021 meeting. 

    Staples and Summus punch-out catalog is now available in BearKatBuy!   Users will enjoy the availability of products, pricing and customer service through this national contract.  Staples/Summus also has their own third party delivery company, Letter Ride, so this should alleviate any delays you may have been encountering with deliveries.  


    If you have any questions please reach out to Jeremy Barrett, Bill Tidwell or Renee’ Starns.  

    Last Modified: 5-09-2022

  • Hobby Lobby Tax Exempt Card

    Hobby Lobby tax exempt cards are available for pick-up at the Procurement Office.  One tax exempt card will be issued to departments with active P-Cards to be used for university purchases only.  For details and/or to schedule pick-up, please send request to

    Last Modified: 4-25-2022

  • DS Waters

    Departments who order bottled drinking water, coolers and other beverage related products from Sparkletts, Primo, Sierra Springs, Standard Coffee should create and process a  Blanket Purchase Order to DS Water of America, Inc. for payment in BearKatBuy as these and other brands are offered at a discounted rate under Choice Partners Cooperative contract number 21/035TP-02.


    Please ensure you are receiving the price under the contract terms.  If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to your appointed Purchaser.

    Last Modified: 4-25-2022

  • Procurement and Business services is excited to announce the newly awarded office supply contract with Staples/Summus (HUB Partner). The new contract was approved by the TSUS Board of Regents November 2021.

    Procurement and Business services is excited to announce the newly awarded office supply contract with Staples/Summus (HUB Partner), which replaced Office Depot/PDME in January 2022 .  The new contract was approved by the TSUS Board of Regents at the November 2021 meeting.  

    Last Modified: 1-28-2022

  • P-Card Missing Receipt/Documentation/Problem Resolution Form

    The P-Card Missing Receipt/Documentation/Problem Resolution form is required only if there is NO receipt or credit available to be attached to an expense on a report in Chrome River and to document contact with vendors regarding a price discrepancy, taxes charged, tip overage, etc. on the P-Card or Travel Card. 

    Last Modified: 1-12-2022

  • FO-29 Moving Expense Policy Update

    FO-29 Moving Expenses policy was updated in November 2021.  If applicable to your area please review for updates and changes.

    Last Modified: 1-12-2022

  • Delegation of Authority Policy Update

    PRE-05 Delegation of Authority policy for signing agreements and contracts was updated September 2021. 

    For more information or clarification please contact 

    Last Modified: 1-12-2022

  • Changes to BearKatBuy!

    On Monday, November 15, 2021 some BearKatBuy screens will have a new look. 

    The Receipt screen will be the new streamlined look that was put in place across BearKatBuy over the summer.  Nothing will change in the function of the Receipt screen just the overall look. 

    The Approvals page will also adopt the new look.  The requisitions to be approved will still be placed in the appropriate folders.  The dropdown to approve from the approval screen will now move from the top right side of the screen to the bottom center of the screen.

    Last Modified: 1-12-2022

  • Amazon Order Confirmations & Updates in BKB

    For Departments that place Amazon orders through BearkatBuy (BKB), Procurement and Business Services will attach the order confirmation and relevant shipping information/updates to the purchase order in the Comment Section.  If the requestor has comment notifications turned on they will automatically receive notice that the information is available on the purchase order for review. 

    Last Modified: 11-09-2021

  • HUB Vendors

    Access the "Shop" button to the right of the screen on the Procurement & Business Services webpage to view & shop the latest list of Local and Non-Local Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Vendors!

    It is the goal of the Sam Houston State University (SHSU) HUB Program to increase the participation of Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUBs) with University procurement opportunities.  Departments are strongly encouraged to utilize HUB vendors for any purchases made with the use of P-Card or purchase order. 

    Last Modified: 11-09-2021

  • Purchase of Office Supplies

    Departments should purchase through BearKatBuy if items are available under contracts listed in the Marketplace prior to using the P-Card and shopping outside the tool. This includes office supplies and all other contracts currently listed under available catalogs within BearKatBuy. Office supplies are no longer acceptable purchases on the P-Card. 

    Orders submitted on Amazon for office supplies that are not available through BearkatBuy should be processed on a requisition to be purchased with a purchase order unless a P-Card Exception Form has been approved PRIOR to placing the order.  Office supplies are consumable items used regularly in an office environment to perform departmental daily work assignments.  Office supplies include, but are not limited to pens, pencils, markers, note pads, Post-It-Notes, file folders, file organizers, envelopes staplers, calendar, desk accessories, scissors, tape, toner, etc.

    Last Modified: 11-09-2021

  • Business Purpose for Itemized P-Card Expenses

    The Business Purpose is a required field in Chrome River related to all expenses. It relates to the purpose of the expenses as a whole.

    When selecting a transaction to be itemized for P-Card, please enter the generic verbiage “P-Card Expense” as the Business Purpose and not a detailed description. The itemized business purpose is tied to all the transactions on the PCard Expense report.  Once the entry is saved, changes cannot be made.

    Last Modified: 11-09-2021

  • Campus Wide Contract for Golf Carts, Utility Carts, and Low-Speed Vehicles

    A campus-wide contract for the purchase of golf/utility carts and low speed vehicles is available for departments to utilize through E-Z GO.  Contract may be used through 8/31/25.

    Please contact Dale Barnes, SHSU Facilities for quote and order processing.  

    Dale Barnes
    Fleet & Sanitation Supervisor
    SHSU Facilities
    (936) 294-1897



    Last Modified: 10-21-2021

  • Book Purchase Clarification

    Departments are required to contact Barnes and Nobles on campus regarding availability and purchase of all textbooks and other course materials for students and participants prior to purchasing with an outside vendor. Special circumstances requiring that course materials be purchased through a vendor outside of the University Bookstore are subject to prior written approval by the AVP of Auxiliary Services.

    Please refer to the Finance & Operations Auxiliary Services Policy FO-AUX-02 for more information.

    Last Modified: 8-12-2021

  • BearKatBuy New User Experience

    This summer BearKatBuy will be moving to a new user experience and look within the portal.  The new user experience will bring a more streamlined look to the checkout process on Requisitions, and a  new look to the Purchase Order and Invoice as well.  This is a mandated change by Jaggaer, the software provider, to all customers nationwide.  This is not an optional feature or upgrade.  

    Starting on Friday, June 25 there will be a toggle button added to the BearKatBuy production environment to allow users to switch to the new user experience to start familiarizing yourself with the new look and functionality.  There will also be a notification banner added to the BearKatBuy shopping page on June 25 for users to learn more.  

    Due to the upcoming changes, Procurement has scheduled training sessions to cover the new look and functionality.  Starting June 28, and continuing for a three week period, there will be BearKatBuy New User Experience Update Training offered via Zoom.  Users can sign up for these classes via Talent Management under the title of BearKatBuy New User Experience Update.

    The roll out of the new look and user experience will hit BearKatBuy Production on July 26, 2021.  At that time the toggle switch will no longer be available to switch from the existing look to the new look.  Procurement encourages all users to use the toggle feature, once available, to familiarize yourself with the changes in functionality and sign up for the class through Talent Management during the specified timeframe.  Practicing with the new look through the toggle feature and taking the Zoom training will ensure users do not encounter any delays in processing their requisitions.

    Last Modified: 8-12-2021

  • P-Card Strikes

    Departments will no longer incur points for infractions or errors outside of compliance on the P-Card reports. Certain P-Card violations and infractions will result in strikes against the department. Three strikes will result in review of the card by Procurement and Business Services and/or the Associate Vice President of Finance and Operations for possible suspension, deactivation or termination or additional training of departmental delegates or users with the Card Services Administrator.

    Please click on the following links to access the updated P-Card Policy.

    Last Modified: 8-03-2021

  • Purchase Books - Barnes and Nobles

    As a reminder, per a binding contract with SHSU and Barnes and Nobles Bookstore, departments are required to contact Barnes and Nobles on campus  regarding availability and purchase of books and/or course materials prior to purchasing with an outside vendor. Barnes and Nobles has a right of refusal on all textbook and course material purchases and if these types of items are unavailable will provide a waiver in writing stating the books requested are unavailable and authorizing the use of an outside vendor. 

    Departments are then advised to complete a Requisition in BearKatBuy and attach the waiver from Barnes and Nobles to the request.  Please contact your Purchaser for more information and assistance with this process.  

    Last Modified: 6-03-2021

  • Virtual Booth Rentals at Conferences

    When exhibiting at conferences, agencies normally pay a fee for booth space; with the current trend toward virtual conferences featuring showcase booths, similar fees still apply.  These fees are payable. When deciding which object/account code to use the determining factor is what SHSU receives in exchange for the payment. 

    • If some type of designated "space" is purchased, use account/object code 7470 (Rental of Space).  For example:  The fee provides a virtually showcased booth. 
    • If there is a fee to participate in the virtual event, but no designated “space,” then comptroller object 7210 (Fees and Other Charges) would be appropriate. For example: The fee secures a role or presence in the virtual conference, but no virtual booth or space will be available for use

    Use these examples to determine what the virtual booth consists of to choose the appropriate comptroller object

    Last Modified: 6-03-2021

  • New Account Code Procedure For Capital Purchases

    Effective 1-25-2021 if a department is purchasing a capital item (over $5000) then the freight charges should be included in the total cost of the item purchased.  This means the capital purchase account code will be the only one used, no separate account code for shipping. (Example – Scientific equipment cost is $5200, and shipping is $250, then dept. would prepare one-line item with description on the purchase requisition to include shipping and total would be $5450 for that line and FOAP).  Contact your assigned Purchaser for details, clarification, or assistance.

    Last Modified: 6-03-2021

  • HUB Vendor List Updated!

    The Local and Non-Local HUB Vendor lists have been updated to include several new HUB vendors.  To access the HUB Vendor list please select the "Shop" button on the Procurement and Business Services site and click on the HUB Vendors tab in the center of the page.

    • Advantage Specialties, a local vendor that provides a full line of embroidery and promotional products, is now HUB Certified. 

    HUB Vendors are also more visible when searching for items through Amazon and will be flagged as "Organization Preferred".  

    Last Modified: 3-02-2021

  • Amazon In BearKatBuy

    The vendor name for Amazon in BearKatBuy for SHSU department use has been updated and is listed as Amazon Capital Services Inc. with supplier number 000869415.  When creating a requisition for Amazon please select Amazon Capital Services Inc. to ensure the Purchase Order will be processed through the Amazon Business account for SHSU.

    Last Modified: 3-02-2021

  • P-Card Transactions - Citi Posting Issues

    In late October, Citi Bank experienced issues with transaction file delivery due to system updates and migration that caused a delay in transactions being delivered and posting to the Chrome River Expense Management System.

    • Citi is currently in the process of recreating and resending files to Chrome River to resolve this issue so some transactions may still be missing in Chrome River.  
    • If there are P-Card expenses missing in Chrome River for your department from the November Statement Cycle please email a list of these charges to for additional research.
    • Please remember to reconcile and include any missing transactions that may appear in Chrome River from the November Statement cycle (10/4/2020 - 11/3/2020) to your departments December P-Card Expense report.

    Last Modified: 3-02-2021

  • Purchase customized message and signature stamps from Office Depot/PDME through BearKatBuy.

    Access BearKatBuy Marketplace and click on the Office Depot/PDME punch-out supplier to search for and order customized and/or signature stamps.  PDME provides a feature that would allow the user/customer to upload a design (pdf, jpeg, gif, bmp, png files only), enter and also format the desired text for the stamp.  Please contact your purchaser for assistance with this type of order.

    Last Modified: 4-30-2020

  • Vendor Warrant/Franchise Tax Status must be checked for all purchases exceeding $500.

    Prior to the commitment of funds departments are mandated by the state to verify a vendors warrant/franchise tax status for purchases exceeding $500.00.  For expenditures utilizing state appropriated funds the verification page MUST be attached to the Chrome River Expense Report for audit purposes.  Verification can be made at the following Comptrollers website.

    Last Modified: 4-30-2020

  • HUB Vendor List Updated

    Added to the local and non-local HUB list:
    Kingdom Stewards of Five Loaves - Meat & Veggie Trays, Sandwiches, Salads, Soups, etc.
    Tough Shirts - Screen Printing, Custom-T-Shirts & Promotional Products
    ID ScreenPrint - Promotional Products & Custom Branded Merchandise

    Lost HUB certification and removed from the local and non-local HUB list:
    Barbara Lagatta Promotional Products
    CC Creations, LTD
    Deco Press, Inc.
    Madilene’s Piano Tuning
    Party Time Rentals

    Last Modified: 4-30-2020

  • 24th Annual HUB/Vendor Show and HUB Certified Vendor List

    Mark you calendar for 24th Annual HUB/Vendor show that will be held Thursday, March 26,2020 from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm at Region 6 Education Service Center in Huntsville, Texas.  All faculty and staff are strongly encouraged to attend.  This event is an excellent opportunity to meet certified HUB vendors and see new products being showcased.  Please contact Bob Chapa at or at extension 44670 for more information.

    CC Creation and several other vendors previously listed as HUBs are no longer HUB Certified.  Access the "Shop" button to the right of the screen to view & shop the latest list of Local and Non-Local HUB Vendors.

    Last Modified: 4-30-2020

  • Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to P-Card Policy and Procedure updates

    The P-Card Policy and Procedures updated on November 22, 2019 states that all items available through a SHSU preferred contract/supplier in BearKatBuy should be utilized first , before going outside the tool and using the P-Card. To provide additional clarification on the policy/procedures updates, Procurement has compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) collected and received from campus department administrators, P-Card delegates and users.  Departments are encouraged to send any additional questions or concerns to 

    Last Modified: 4-30-2020

  • UBEO Copier Services not allowed on P-Card.

    Departments utilizing the vendor UBEO for copier services ARE NOT ALLOWED to pay for charges on the P-Card. A blanket Purchase Order should be set up to cover their charges for the entire fiscal year. If charges are paid on the P-Card through the UBEO portal, departments will be contacted to have the charges credited back to the card and to request the supplier provide an invoice per the PO instructions.

    Last Modified: 4-30-2020

  • Policy Update

    The PCard Policy and Procedures have been separated and updated to include information regarding Chrome River and changes to the Acceptable/Unacceptable purchases previously listed in the policy. The notice on updates to PCard policy was sent out to all users via mass email from the VPFO office on November 22, 2019, along with updates to Agency Fund policy and Property policy.

    Last Modified: 3-06-2020

  • Items available for purchase on the BearKatBuy Punchout/Marketplace may not be purchased using the P-Card

    Departments should purchase through BearKatBuy if items are available under contracts listed in the Marketplace prior to using the P-Card and shopping outside the tool. This includes office supplies and all other contracts currently listed under available catalogs within BearKatBuy. Office Supplies, Building Materials/Supplies and Lab/Medical Supplies are no longer acceptable purchases on the P-Card. This change was approved through the Presidents Cabinet in an effort to reduce rogue spend and increase use of contracts that have been competitively bid or negotiated.

    For charges already made during the November (report due Dec 16th) and December (report due Jan 15th) billing cycle no strikes will be issued. However, a notification will be sent to the department if infraction to new policy are found on these reports as a reminder.

    Last Modified: 3-06-2020

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  • Description Line On a PO

    Did you know the information used in the description line on the PO makes an impact when a supplier receives the remittance advise to apply payments? 

    See the image below of Remittance Advise received by the supplier for payment of ACH.  The description is generated from the first line on the PO and limited to approx. 45 characters of data.

    To streamline efficiency for the supplier and fixed assets, please indicate the pertinent information at the start, specifically account numbers and contracts numbers.  No need to include the verbiage defining the type of payment from (blanket order, direct pay, etc.) as the information is indicated on the form type used in BearKatBuy.  If the purchasing from a punch-out supplier, then the description cannot be altered.

    • Example of the Product Description from PO: Blanket order for eight (8) Hotspot MiFi 7730L devices: 9/1/20 - 8/31/21. Pricing per DIR-TSO-3415. Eight devices at $37.99/month = $303.92/month. Account #842174286-00001. Add 1 additional device 4/30

    • Advised Description: Acct #842174286-00001 (8) Hotspot MiFi 7730L devices: 9/1/20 - 8/31/21. Pricing per DIR-TSO-3415. Eight devices at $37.99/month = $303.92/month. Add 1 additional device 4/30

    Purchase Order Format

    Last Modified: 8-22-2022

  • BearKatBuy Comments

    BearKatBuy comments need to only be sent to the recipient when providing an invoice for payment. The specific acctspay recipient can be found by selecting the user search and typing acctspay in the Email field.  The invoice will be processed by an individual processor once comment is disbursed from the shared inbox.

    Last Modified: 6-03-2021

  • PaymentWorks Vendor Set-up

    All vendors are set up through PaymentWorks with the exception of SHSU Students and Employees. If an employee or a student needs to be added as a vendor in BearKatBuy for reimbursement, contact the Disbursement & Travel Office via email to request vendor set up.

    • The only reason an employee or student would require a PaymentWorks invite would be if the individual has a separate business, not tied to their social security number, as a supplier of goods/services and payment is associated with that specific business.

    Last Modified: 3-10-2021

  • Invoice Delivery Methods


    Campus Mail:  Box 2185, Huntsville, TX 77341

    Suppliers can electronically submit invoices in BearKatBuy

    Last Modified: 4-30-2020

  • Receipts/Invoice Payments

    To ensure timely payment is made and to avoid accruing interest, campus users are required to create the "receipt" in BearKatBuy (BKB) once the order is received.

    Do not wait for an invoice to receipt the good/services.  The receipt date is based on the date the goods were actually received.

    BKB has a system of checks and balances (3-way match: PO-Receipt-Invoice) required before payment will process.

    Last Modified: 4-30-2020

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