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Engineering Technology Ambassadors

  • Information about the Ambassador Program
    The Student Ambassador Program in the Department of Engineering Technology (ETEC) provides dedicated students a leadership opportunity to  represent the ETEC department in various internal and external events. Student Ambassadors provide degree program information, give facility tours, help with developing recruiting materials, and perform other duties to represent the ETEC department. 
    The ETEC department  recruits qualified students to serve as Student Ambassadors generally in Fall (October) semester based on need and availability. If you are interested in the program, please fill the ETEC Ambassador Application Form and submit it together with other required materials to Dr. Iftekhar Ibne Basith at
    Twitter: @etecambassadors
    ETEC Ambassadors' Constitution
  • Faculty Advisors: Dr. Basith and Co-Advisor: Ms. Scherer

    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Iftekhar Basith

    Ifekhar Ibne Basith

    Co-Advisor: Ms. Rachel Scherer

    Rachel Scherer

    Coordinator: Michelle Boyd

    Michelle Boyd 

  • Engineering Technology Ambassadors: Officers and Members

    Tyler Walker: President

    Tyler Walker

    Justin Sullivan: Vice President

    Billy Sullivan

    Joe Nervis: Secretary

    Nicholas Capunao: Treasurer

    Levi Arnold: Member

    Breanna Camario: Member

    Nabethse Gomez: Member