Bachelor of Science in Construction Management

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The Sam Houston State University Construction Management program is accredited by the ABET Applied and Natural Science Accreditation Commission.



The Construction Management program provides knowledge and proficiency for students to succeed in a construction management profession through conventional and applied academic learning environments.

Construction Management Plan of Study

Click here to see the plan of study flow chart for the Construction Management program. 

Program Educational Objective

  1. Provide fundamental knowledge of building design, materials, cost estimating, scheduling, construction documentation, and personnel management.
  2. Utilize critical thinking and logical decision making to solve challenges in construction industry.
  3. Enhance communication and leadership skills to build a teamwork with construction stakeholders.
  4. Instill an environmental, health and safety mindset to implement a sustainable construction project.

Student Outcomes

  1. Apply construction management fundamentals to successfully manage the delivery of construction projects within the contractually defined delivery system by completing a project on time, under budget, of desired quality.
  2. Interpret construction documents thereby having the ability to communicate with all project stakeholders in a professional approach to deliver a successful construction project.
  3. Acquire methods, materials, and equipment used to construct projects.
  4. Demonstrate leadership, people management, and effective communication skills in construction projects.
  5. Promote stewardship of both the natural and the designed environments through the best professional practice of sustainable construction management, and material utilization.
  6. Perform standard tests, organize and interpret test data, and apply test results to improve construction processes.
  7. Recognize professional, ethical and social responsibilities, and diversity in construction management.
  8. Acquire learning through applied industry experiences, services, and life-long learning.
  9. Administer safety awareness, accident prevention, and regulatory compliance in the construction workplace.

Enrollment and Graduation Statistics (2017 - 2022)

  Enrollment Graduation
Fall 2017 268 19
Spring 2018 261 14
Summer 2018 131 18
Fall 2018 279 33
Spring 2019 252 28
Summer 2019 124 17
Fall 2019 278 23
Spring 2020 273 28
Summer 2020 127 20
Fall 2020 294 26
Spring 2021 277 28
Summer 2021 123 17
Fall 2021 283 TBA
Spring 2022 TBA TBA
Summer 2022 TBA TBA

Career Opportunities

  • Project supervision
  • Cost estimation
  • Construction scheduling
  • Quality control
  • BIM/VDC coordination
  • Construction consultation
  • Property development

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