Fred Pirkle Engineering Technology Center

  • Fred Pirkle Engineering Technology Center
  • Fred Pirkle Engineering Technology Center

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           The Fred Pirkle Engineering Center is an innovative learning center that houses state of the art classrooms, specialized laboratories, and faculty and staff offices for two departments (Agricultural Sciences and Engineering Technology) at Sam Houston State University. The center is named after the inventor and SHSU alumnus Mr. Fred Pirkle, who set aside $10 million out of his $25 million gift to SHSU to construct this learning facility. Dr. Stanley Kelley, our former department chair, oversaw the construction of the Pirkle Center to ensure that the building embodies Mr. Pirkle’s vision. The center has four floors, each named after a noted US inventor.


Edison Innovation Level 1

            The first floor (Thomas Edison) contains machine and woodworking shops, electronics and robotics labs and a large collaboration area. The proximity of labs and shops to the collaboration area enables students to solve real-life problems by going from an idea to the design and build phases of a product in the same location.

  • Collaboration Area with Adjacent CNC Machine Shop, Laser Processing Shop, Clean Manufacturing Lab, and Wet Chemical Lab
  • Electronics Lab
  • Robotics Lab
  • Student Group Meeting Rooms

Pirkle Layout 1



Fred Pirkle Level 2

            The second level (Fred Pirkle) has classrooms, specialized labs, and the Pirkle Museum. The museum is a tribute to Mr. Pirkle’s inventions and vision.

  • Innovative Lobby / Pre-Function Space
  • Fred Pirkle Honorific Museum
  • Multipurpose Classrooms
  • CAD Lab with Plotter Room
  • Alternative/Sustainable Energy Lab complete with Wind Tunnel Lab and Energy Terrace
  • Academic Outside Learning Courtyard

Pirkle Layout 2            


Thomas Jefferson Level 3

            The third level (Thomas Jefferson) contains offices, classrooms, the Ann Christian memorial student lounge, wildlife physiology lab, multimedia workroom, Heath Schielack Memorial Agribusiness classroom, and floral design lab.

  • Animal Science Physiology and Research Lab
  • Agriculture Science Computer Lab
  • Floral Design Lab
  • Agriculture Science Student Teacher Classroom
  • Adjunct Faculty Offices / Resource Room
  • Student Lounge/Multimedia Workroom

Pirkle Layout 3



Sam Houston Level 4

            The fourth level (Sam Houston) contain faculty, staff, and TA/GA offices. This level also includes two conference rooms.

  • Departments Chair Suite
  • Faculty and Support Staff Offices
  • Seminar and Conference Rooms
  • Group Work Areas and Business Centers
  • Grad Students & Teaching Assistant Areas

 Pirkle Layout 4