Student Testimonials

Construction Management

  • Kevonne Pierce

    Kevonne Pierce

    Kevonne Pierce graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Construction Management in 2018. As of Fall 2023, Kevonne is pursuing a master's degree in Architecture at UTA.

    “From the time I transferred to SHSU, I knew this program was different. The hands-on instruction and real world knowledge I gained while at SHSU translated over into my position as Project Engineer. The program had a great balance of classroom instruction and making sure students see how things are constructed in the real world. The BIM class was not only helpful for my work but was an inspiration for me to continue my education and pursue a Master of Architecture degree. Being equipped with tools that translate over into the real world helped me with being comfortable when going for interviews. After getting my internship while at SHSU, I received a job offer before I graduated. While attending SHSU I was awarded the Fred Pirkle Scholarship, was on the Dean's/President's List all semesters and worked as a teaching assistant for Dr. Suh and Dr. Coogler.”

  • Tyler Ford

    ETCM Alumni Tyler Ford

    Tyler Ford graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Construction Management and a minor in Management. He is currently working as an Assistant Superintendent at Satterfield & Pontikes Construction, Inc.

    “Thanks to the excellent lessons from my upper-level professors, I have been able to rapidly develop in my career just one year after graduating. I truly believe SHSU’s construction management program is one of the best there is due to one big factor that many professionals have shared with me. The differentiating factor being that Sam Houston State University is not only theoretical but hands-on education as well. Companies know when they hire someone from SHSU, they’re getting someone who can learn fast and make an impact wherever they go.”

  • Blas Ramirez

    Blas Ramirez

    Blas Ramirez graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Construction Management in 2019.

    “Back in 2019, I earned my Construction Management Bachelor's at Sam Houston State, and it was a game-changer. The curriculum gave me real skills for the construction industry. From planning to risk management, each subject felt like practical problem-solving. The professors were great. They mixed theory with real-world insights, making hard stuff easier to understand. Interactive methods, like group talks and hands-on projects, made me smarter and better at teamwork. Career fairs were a big part too. Through them, I landed an internship that opened doors to multiple offers. This opportunity wasn't just a foot in the door, it was a welcome to the industry. And when graduation rolled around, I was all set for a full-time career in construction, thanks to that experience. Teamwork mattered a lot. Group projects taught me to handle different ideas and share tasks. Beyond skills, the program-built character and toughness, which matter in construction. Looking back, I'm thankful for the solid education and those career fairs. Sam Houston State readied me not just for construction smarts, but also for the challenges in my path. With this know-how, experience, and a great start through an internship, I've been on a successful career path in construction.”

  • Spencer Wood

    Spencer Wood

    Spencer Wood graduated with a degree in Construction Management (ETCM) and is now a Project Engineer at Baker Concrete Construction Inc.,  Los Lunas Facebook Data Center Campus Project in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

    "SHSU prepared me to enter the construction industry with both a knowledge of the field and the office which was essential for me to find a career that could capture my interest and further establish my background. The Construction Management program was a great resource for making connections and giving me multiple opportunities to meet with and interact with various employers in the construction and industrial sectors. Through the Engineering Technology Career Fair and the Career Services Center at SHSU, I was easily able to procure a summer internship that leads to part-time employment during school as well as a full-time offer when I graduated. Through the Sam Houston Construction Associations monthly meetings and events, I was not only able to find employment but receive multiple offers from various companies giving me the choice I wanted to pursue a career that would be hands on. The professors in the engineering technology department were phenomenal. Most of my faculties had years of experience in the construction industry which proved to be a great resource when trying to decide which route I wanted to go career-wise as well as for general advice while I was interning and job searching. SHSU helped me build my resume with their professional leadership class and the opportunity to serve as historian for the Sam Houston Construction Association. There were countless opportunities to get involved and get my name out there through the various job tours and community activities that were put on through the Construction Association. This has helped immensely in building relationships with clients and contractors as I have worked alongside many people I’ve met through these activities building across the southwest. SHSU’s Construction Management program was truly the real deal and I believe gave me the competitive edge over others in my field."

  • Conner Rousseau

    ETCM Alumni Conner R

    Conner Rousseau graduated with a Construction Management degree from SHSU with a minor in Economics. He is now working in Houston, Texas as a Construction Specialist 2, Resi at Comcast Cable.

    “The Construction Management department offered courses, professors, advisors, networks, events, and many other things outside of normal coursework that enriched my education and college career. As soon as I started in the Construction Management department at Sam, I knew that it would be something I would stick with, and something that would build me into a better student, person, and professional. The event that benefit me the most in getting into a professional career after graduation was by far the ETEC Career Fair. This event let me practice how to interact with employers, as well as market myself in a professional way that, in the long run, would earn me an amazing internship. The educational and life experiences that each one of my professors in the department provided me a great education and overall new outlook on many aspects of life. They pushed me to do more than that I thought was capable of myself and ultimately encouraged me to want more for myself after my college career. As a whole, I would encourage anyone even remotely interested in Engineering to choose a program within this department to pursue as your undergraduate career path; they give you the tools, experiences, encouragement, guidance, and drive to achieve more than you thought possible and go on to careers that you may never have dreamed of.”

Mechanical Engineering Technology

  • Brandon Fierro

    Brandon Fierro

    Brandon Fierro graduated with a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology (MET) Spring 2022.

    “The thing that inspired me the most to change my major to Engineering was the Fred Pirkle Engineering Building itself. I clearly remember walking in and being mesmerized by how upgraded the building was. I remember switching my major from dance while thinking I’ve made a huge mistake and bit off more than I could chew. My first classes from what I remember were somewhat challenging but as I gained seniority in the department, I’ve learned that you just need to be willing to apply yourself every day. If you keep a positive attitude, hard work ethic, and faith in yourself, you can achieve anything you set your mind to. I’ve experienced imposter syndrome throughout my time as a Mechanical Engineering Technology major and questioned why I was putting myself through this. The answer to that question was to prove myself wrong and that I am smarter than I believe I am. If you feel like things are getting hard in the department and have a hard time finding your niche, I recommend finding inner strength, having a strong support system, and reaching out to faculty and staff. This department and experience is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I can't wait to take on my new life in Dallas. Thank you to all the students I've met on my journey and all of the professors who contributed tremendously to my education here.”

  • Emily Westerman


    Emily Westerman graduated with a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology (MET) Spring 2022 and is now a Project Engineer with MBA Energy and Industrial.

    "From the minute I began my first class in engineering, I knew that I had picked the right degree. My biggest goal in life is to learn all that I can, and there is no better field than mechanical engineering to do so. When I transferred to Sam Houston, I further realized my goal with support from staff and faculty excited to help me succeed. I worked as a student researcher for the department until I earned my degree, and that provided the experience necessary to begin my career immediately upon graduation. Each of the classes I took provided information beyond the textbook. Each was a challenge, but through the dedication of professors both in class and after hours, I made it through to the other side."

Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology

  • Lance Sebesta

    Lance Sebesta

    Lance Sebesta graduated with a B.S. degree in Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology (ECET) and is now a Controls Systems Engineer with Brock Solutions.

    “I remember the first day of my first ECET class I felt I did not belong…that this stern looking professor had expectations of perfection and dedication that I simply could not meet. However, I told myself I would take the course and do my best no matter how much hair I lost (much like every math course). That was the only day I felt intimidated in an ECET course. This serious professor turned out to be a hilarious person who used his humor to help us learn and stay engaged during class, and every other ECET professor was the same if not livelier. In their eyes they were not there to teach us, but to help us learn as they remembered sitting in our seats. The professors also dedicated countless hours outside of classes helping us all. While at SHSU I worked as both a TA and a research assistant for the ETEC department which kept me working late into the evening many times. Leaving the building, it was not uncommon for me to see professors still helping students with course material, even if the student had been there for several hours. No matter how much hair or sleep they lost, the professors were always there when we needed them. The biggest impact the department had on me were the various research grants I was lucky enough to work on. While they helped reinforce course material, the greater value was in the experience and different skill sets I gained that could not be found in the classroom. I would not have had the opportunity to join the Brock Solutions team without the ETEC department and the exceptional professors who always encouraged me to go beyond meeting the minimum.”

  • Louis Jackson III

    Louis Jackson III

    Louis Jackson III graduated with a B.S. degree in Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology (ECET) in 2021 and is now a Ph.D Student at Prairie View A&M University studying Electrical Engineering with an emphasis in Power distribution in computer/semiconductors. He is also a Pre-Silicone Power and Performance Validation Systems Engineer for  Intel. 

    "When I started my degree at SHSU, I struggled to balance the student athlete life especially being in the ECET program. While in the program, I learned quickly that the field is broad, and I wasn’t sure at first what route in ECET I wanted to take. I’m extremely grateful to have professors, Dr. Pecen and Dr. Basith to challenge me but simultaneously reassuring me of the importance of having basic knowledge in every class you take because it will show up at some point in your career. This resonated with me immediately after graduating because I would further my knowledge in them receiving my M.S. at Prairie View A&M University. While on this path, I found myself using old notes, projects, and tests that I used for my research projects and ultimately for my Dissertation in the future. I fell in love with power distribution and semiconductors which led me to obtaining my position at Intel Corporation. The ECET program teachings are forever my foundation for my Electrical Engineering journey. " 

  • Peter Colletti

    Peter Colletti 1262021

    Peter Colletti graduated with a B.S. degree in Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology (ECET) and is now a PV System Designer at sunrun.

    "The Engineering Technology Department at Sam Houston State University is like no other. It is just large enough to have all the equipment and resources that you could ever need but just small enough that you do not feel like a statistic. You get to know your professors throughout your four years, which not only helped me succeed in the classroom, but it helped me once I graduated and needed connections. The classes all gave me direct experience and knowledge that helped me as soon as I started working at Sunrun. The department has some of the best professors that I have ever had, and they continue to support and cheer me on even after graduating. If I could go back and change anything about my time in the ETEC department, I would not change a thing. I am grateful for the classmates and professors that I had along the way!"

  • Megan Gibson


    Megan Gibson graduated with a B.S. degree in Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology (ECET) and is now an Electronics Technologist at Sandia National Labs, in Livermore, California. 

    "When I started my degree at SHSU, I wasn’t sure the ECET program was the right fit for me. I learned during my very first electronics class that I was in the right place. All of the other students and teachers made my time at SHSU really fun. Even though some of the classes were a bit challenging, teachers like Dr. Pecen really worked to try and make sure every student got the material the best we could. Building projects every semester really allowed us to learn how to work together to build some really neat things, while also helping to solidify the material we learned. The teachers and staff in the engineering department really worked hard to make sure students got the best opportunities, including grants for research projects such as working on USDA PPA that helped me to get undergraduate applied research experience and to fill out my resume. Getting a degree in ECET opened the doors to a wide variety of different jobs and gave me a good foundation to build from after starting my job at Sandia." 

  • Jeremy England

    Jeremy England

    Jeremy England graduated with a degree in Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology (ECET) and is now working as a Professional Services Engineer for Weatherford.

    "The teachers at SHSU, especially in the computer and electrical departments, are phenomenal. As with any degree, you'll learn the basics of what the course offers, but what makes SHSU stand out is that the teachers give you incredible opportunities if you are willing to ask and take them on. Looking back, my favorite experiences from SHSU were the hands-on projects that we got to come up with and build each semester that could be as fun and/or challenging as your mind and time allowed. It was quite an event to behold all the crazy contraptions fellow classmates would build in areas like robotics, electronics, programming, artificial intelligence, renewable energy, and much more.

    During my time at SHSU, I was an ETEC worker, TA, and Ambassador which let me sharpen my teaching skills, presentation skills, and allowed me to go to events to showcase the cool things we were doing in our department. I was also given the opportunity to be a part of a SCADA/ICS Lab which allowed me to apply my book knowledge to real life components and work with industry standard equipment that easily jump-started my career by five-plus years. The experience I gained here allowed me to get an incredible job within a month of graduating, and I couldn't be more ecstatic and thankful for everyone at SHSU involved in getting me there; so, a final thanks to you all, and cheers!"

  • Kali M. Johnson

    Kali Johnson

    Kali M . Johnson graduated with a degree in Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology (ECET) and is now working as a Controls &SCADA Engineer at Vanderlande Industries, Inc., Atlanta, Georgia.

    "When I first started with the ECET program at SHSU, I must admit I had only a vague idea of what I wanted to do with the degree once I achieved it. That quickly began to change as I started doing more hands-on projects in classes such as microcontroller applications, digital electronics, industrial electronics, robotics, and instrumentation and interfacing. The professors in the program were always outstanding in their knowledge and optimism to help students achieve the most from each lesson and project, and to also have fun while doing it. The laboratory equipment available to the students is a gold mine for anyone wanting to apply theoretical knowledge to hands on applications. My time as a TA for electronics and robotics labs really helped me to assume a leadership role and contributed to building more of a foundation for knowledge that I had by teaching and guiding others. The microgrid system summer research project that I had the privilege to do alongside a fellow student, was a driving force for me to take on something that had not been done yet and see it through from initial planning and research to a successful end result of a solar, wind, and hydrogen integrated power system which we were able to pass on to future students to add to the project and increase the system’s functionality. All of the incredible opportunities at SHSU led me to an amazing career with Vanderlande Industries as a SCADA/Controls Project Engineer for airport baggage handling systems."  

  • Andy Aguirre


    Mr. Andy Aguirre graduated with a B.S. degree in Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology (ECET) and is now working as a Controls Project Engineer II at Vanderlande Industries, Inc., Atlanta, Georgia. 

    "In my time at Sam Houston, I learned about the fundamentals of electronics and was given exposure to programming. It was in the introductory engineering technology courses that I discovered the intrigue that I have for electronics, and for developing code. Sam Houston has prepared me for a career in engineering by providing me with challenges when developing our semester projects. It was through these projects that the material that is given in lecture is used, and additional research is needed to allow the project to come together. This additional research is then information that is shared with our classmates and gives us insight into more information that can not be covered in lectures. I was fortunate to be able to assist on the smart grid project over the summer 2018 with another classmate and together we were able to learn how to use the system, and how to integrate other power generation sources into the existing system while we work with Dr. Pecen for undergraduate research project."

  • James Holekamp


    James Holekamp graduated with an Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology (ECET) degree from SHSU and is working as an Electronics Engineer at  Martin Company.

    "I want to thank you all for providing me with the education that enabled me to pursue my dreams. The coursework in instrumentation and interfacing, microcontrollers, and solid state electronics especially helped to me obtain this position. Additionally, my undergraduate research opportunity in the SCADA lab provided me with a great deal of knowledge that advanced my skills and qualifications for the engineering job. I learned so much while attending SHSU and I could not be more grateful."

  • Nick Rapsilver

    Nick Rapsilver graduated in 2020 with a B.S. degree in Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology (ECET) and is now an IT Business Analyst with Quanta Services.

    “I started my journey with SHSU’s Engineering Technology program in August of 2018. I went into my first ECET class with little to no clue of what I would be doing when I graduated. However, our fantastic professors quickly changed that. No matter if it was a 7:00 a.m. class or a 7:00 p.m. class, each of our professors came in with energy, knowledge, and love for their students. I can recount numerous times a professor would spend hours making sure each one of us understood the topics we were going over. Engineering will always seem to be a daunting degree to select but, this department will make it an easier choice to pursue. The facilities at the Pirkle Building continue to update so that students can have everything they need to be successful and strive to make advancements in their coursework and careers. You get to take part in numerous projects that expand your level of creativity to places you’ve never seen before. Each one of my professors took the time to get to know me on a personal level and keep in contact with me to this day. You will walk into the Engineering Technology department as a group of first time SHSU students and leave as a family.”

  • Brandon Foster

    Brandon Foster

    Brandon Foster graduated with a B.S. degree in Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology (ECET) and now works at Sandia National Labs in Albuquerque, New Mexico, . 

    "When I came to SHSU I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, I sat down with the registrar, and we talked about my interests. They showed me a list of degrees that fit my interests and I saw the ECET program, a program that I knew was right for me. On my first day of class I sat down with strangers, some were there for their class credits, some to learn, and others to help change the world. I had no idea that I would form life-long friendships along with the seed of knowledge that would put me where I am today. I appreciate the assorted assignments and projects, even if they felt tedious and non-essential at first, I learned that they were the perfect way to help solidify what we learned. A special thanks to Dr. Pecen who not only loved his role as a mentor, but he made sure we learned every concept that he threw at us. Now whenever I struggle with something I take it back to when ‘the earth was a fireball’ so that I can look at a problem from a different angle. I thoroughly enjoyed working on the Mobile Renewable Response Trailer project and making a Logic Gate training aid for other students to use to learn. Getting a degree in ECET gave me the start I needed to be able to serve my country through research and development at Sandia." 

Engineering Design Technology

  • Maine Mizuno
    Maine Mizuno

    Maine Mizuno graduated with a B.S. degree in Engineering Design Technology December 2021, and is currently working in Process Safety Management at Tesla Giga Texas.

    "When I first started my degree, it didn't have a fancy name like Engineering Design Technology; it was called "Design and Development," and I had no idea what it meant. But what I did know was that I had always wanted to create things that would make the lives of others easier, and during my first year, I went to counseling several times and was able to figure out what was best for me and my goals. By the way, this was one of my favorite aspects of SHSU: the professors are always there for you, helping, and encouraging you to do your best.

    When I tell people what I went to school for, they usually have no idea what I'm talking about, and I have to explain it most of the time; but at the end, everyone says, "I wish my school had that." Personally, I'm glad I chose Engineering Design Technology as my major because I've learned a lot about it. I gained experience in 3D modeling, CAD drawing, safety, and time management, among other things.

    Overall, I am grateful for what SHSU has taught me. Currently, I work in Process Safety Management at Tesla Giga Texas. My job entails identifying, assessing, and controlling the risks associated with the highly hazardous chemicals used in the processes. My knowledge is useful when managing and applying engineering controls to mitigate risk. Frequently collaborate with the design, construction, and facilities teams. Obtaining a degree in Engineering Design Technology opened up new opportunities. I never considered what I am doing now and am grateful for what SHSU has taught me."

Engineering Technology

  • Yogendra Karki

    Yogensra Karki Pict

    Yogendra Karki graduated with a B.S. degree in Engineering Technology, Electronics and is now working as an Engineering Technician for USDA, Lubbock, Texas.

    “I would like to thank all those helping hands, faculties, and staff of the engineering technology department who helped me directly or indirectly to achieve this position. After joining the engineering technology department, I felt more confident that it would fulfil the purpose for which I joined this course. I really enjoyed all the courses since most of the courses were taught by experienced instructors. I like the fact that most of the classes at the engineering technology department are small, which provides more opportunities for the students to interact with each other and the instructors. The instructors are friendly, and they are always willing to help students and are very flexible in meeting to help students. They take the time to explain course subjects and are incredibly supportive to students who require extra help. The courses at the engineering technology department at SHSU were worth taking because the knowledge that we gain through the courses always be useful in our future career. I would like to thank Dr Pecen, Dr Basith, Dr Yildiz and all other faculty members for making me capable for this position.”

  • Ryan Moreno

    Ryan Moreno

    Ryan Moreno graduated with a B.S. degree from the Engineering Technology program and is now working as an Operator for South Texas Project Nuclear Operating Company.

    "My name is Ryan Moreno and I am graduated from the Engineering Technology program at Sam Houston State University in December 2018. I am currently working as an operator for South Texas Project Nuclear Operating Company, a nuclear power generating station located in Wadsworth, Texas which is in Matagorda County.

    Throughout the Engineering Technology program, I was surrounded by great professors, instructors and advisors who greatly helped me in achieving my goals to graduate and eventually lead me to securing a job in the nuclear field. The program offers great courses for an all-around learning experience in management, leadership, and the industry in Engineering Technology as a whole. The Engineering Technology program offers many great seminars, job fairs and has unlimited resources to networking to ensure every student is successful. Throughout my time in this program, I learned so many things that have allowed me to become very successful after I graduated. In my field as an operator, I do a wide abundance of things from in service test on a lot of our equipment for multiple systems in the plant. Taking readings on certain components to make sure everything is working correctly and running large safety diesel generators to make sure they will operate properly in case of an emergency. The level of focus we must have when working in the nuclear industry is honestly something I have never experienced before. You must be perfect one hundred percent of the time with whatever you are doing whether it’s a simple task or complex task because behind every switch and every valve there is a nuclear reactor and one small error could lead to something much bigger possibly causing the plant to shut down or something worse.

    The Engineering Technology courses I took were great and some were very challenging requiring me to think outside of the box to get the outcome or answer I wanted. Dealing with these challenges in the courses at Sam Houston have set me up for success in the nuclear industry and I can honesty say without the help of the fantastic professors such as Dr. Pecan, Waugh, and many others in the Engineering Technology department I would not have the same success in my career as an operator in the nuclear industry and for that I am grateful."

  • Carlton Stuart

    Carlton Stuart Pic

    Carlton Stuart graduated Fall 2023 with a B.S. degree in Engineering Technology, Electronics and is now working as a Facility and Maintenance Manager for Trace-A-Matic, Houston, Texas.

    “I am grateful that I had the opportunity to attend Sam Houston State University. During my time period at SHSU, I had outstanding professors, and a remarkable advisor in the Engineering Technology Department, who assisted me in a tremendous way of obtaining my degree. The online courses along with great in class time schedules, allowed me to balance my family and full time job obligations. This was very important to me. I loved how the classes were not extremely large like other universities, which gave me an opportunity to interact more closely with my professors and classmates. I enjoyed the various projects, some being challenging, which enhanced my critical thinking skills and the collaboration with other students. The in class presentations and outside classes availability by professors, made navigating through my degree courses manageable. My journey was a memorable one. Special thanks to the Engineering Technology Department, faculty and staff for their contributions along the way, especially Dr. Yildiz, Dr. Pecen and Dr. Basith. ”