Study Abroad

Engineering Technology in South Korea: Green Construction and Sustainability

Green Construction and Sustainability in South Korea provides the experiences of green construction projects in South Korea to students who major or minor in Construction Management and the program encourages the students to participate in overseas green construction projects. Korean construction industry is one of the fastest to adopt high-technologies for green construction projects for sustainability and they have various types of projects from residential projects to nuclear power plants. Students can enhance their career opportunities worldwide and broaden their viewpoints globally by exposing green construction for sustainability in South Korea

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Engineering Technology in Costa Rica: Costa Rica Global STEM Business Applications and Innovation

Rescheduled for 2022. More details coming.

This faculty-led course designed to provide Engineering Technology students exposure to new STEM relations between high tech and innovation with conservation and environment. It explains the essential methods and tools of Technology Management. Starting at fundamental definitions and the self-image of technology managers, it covers design thinking, project management; and prototyping. The Technology Management course also allows students to increase their interest in other cultures, become less ethnocentric as they become aware of cultural differences, develop language skills within a cultural context and become more culturally sensitive and accepting. Students can make professional contacts, gain a sense of direction for their future career and gain a sense of responsibility in working on a project.