Registration Error Message and Hold Solutions

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Error Message
What Does it Mean?
How Do I Fix It?
"Prereq Required (Core Math, Dev Ed, or Other Course) - Contact The Registrar's Office" The prerequisite(s) for this class have not yet been met (1) You lack the required prerequisite(s) for the course
(2) If you have not completed a core math course,* you will be required to register for a core math course prior to registering for any other course. See your Academic Advisor for additional information.

*If your Math TSI Status is "Not College-Ready," please see your Academic Advisor for clarification on your developmental & core math course sequence.
"TSI Restriction" This class requires college-level readiness If you have not met TSI requirements in the appropriate area(s), please visit for additional information.
"Cohort Restriction" The course is restricted to a certain cohort of students (ex: Bearkat Learning Community, Honors, etc.) Select a different section if you do not belong to the cohort.
"Reserve Closed" Only reserved seating is available in this class (ex: seats reserved for Learning Communities, Honors, etc.) Select a different section. Note: Reserved seats may potentially be released periodically.
"Student Attribute Restriction” This class is restricted to students with a specific attribute (ex: Honors, Athlete, etc.) Select a different section if you do not belong to the required attribute group.
"Linked Course Required (Lecture)/(Laboratory)" This class requires a lecture and a lab (1) Add the lecture and lab; once both are “Pending,” click “Submit” to register for both simultaneously.
(2) Ensure the lecture and lab are linked by clicking the "View Linked" button when searching for sections.
"Departmental Approval Required" The class requires a manual override from the department pertaining to the course Contact the department to request special approval (ex: English Department for "ENGL" courses, History Department for "HIST" courses, etc.).
"Time Conflict" The class conflicts with another class(es) on your schedule Select a different time as it is conflicting with another class you are currently registered for.
"Classification Restriction” Classification for this class has not been met (ex: Senior Standing) Select a different class if you do not meet the classification requirement. Please contact the department of the course for further clarification or assistance.
"Closed Section" The class is full Select a different section for that class. If all sections of that course are full, please contact the department.
"Corequisite Required" The class requires a companion course Add both corequisite courses; once both are “Pending” on the Summary, click “Submit” to register for both simultaneously.
"Department Restriction" The class is restricted to a specific department If your major does not fall under the specific department, you may not qualify to enroll in the class. Contact the department for additional clarification.
"Duplicate Course With" The class is already on your schedule Students are not allowed to register for the same course twice in the same term.
"Field of Study Restriction" This class is only eligible for certain majors If you are not in a specific major, you may not qualify to enroll in the class. Contact the department for additional clarification.
"Program Restriction" The class is restricted to a specific program If you are not in a specific program, you may not qualify to enroll in the class. Contact the department for additional clarification.
"You cannot drop your last class. Please contact the Registrar's Office." Dropping all classes on your schedule constitutes a resignation To resign from the term, submit the electronic Resignation Request form, located on the Forms and Documents page.
What does it mean?
How Do I Fix It?
Registration Survey Required The Registration Survey must be completed every semester prior to registration. Complete the Registration Survey and the hold will lift automatically once completed.
Fin Aid Exit Counseling Students who have accepted a loan under the Direct Loan Program are required to complete Financial Aid Exit Counseling each time the student drops below half-time enrollment, graduates, or leaves SHSU. Complete Exit Counseling online. Please allow 3-5 business days for holds pertaining to the current academic year to clear. If the hold pertains to prior academic years, please allow 5-7 business days. For questions, please contact the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office at (936) 294-1774.
Current term 226 or more;
Owes 226 or more;
Past Due Account
The hold is related to a balance on your account.  Contact the Bursar's Office at (936) 294-1083 to verify the required steps to clear the balance-related hold. 
Title IX Required Online Trng All first-time accepted students must complete the required Title IX training prior to their first semester to avoid a registration hold being placed onto the student's account. Complete the Title IX training module to clear the Title IX hold.
TSI Reqs - See Advisor Academic Advisement is required prior to registering for classes. Your TSI status must be on file in all areas (Math, Reading and Writing) prior to getting advised. Meet with an Academic Advisor to clear the hold or contact the TSI Team if your TSI Status needs to be updated prior to advisement.
Immunization Hold The hold pertains to the Meningitis Vaccination Requirement.  Complete your meningitis vaccination verification to clear the immunization hold.
Orientation Hold There is an unmet requirement for Bearkat Orientation. Contact the Orientation Team at (936) 294-1782 or to determine which unment requirement needs to be satisfied.
University 1301 UNIV 1301 is a required course. For assistance with registering for UNIV 1301 and clearing the hold, contact the First Year Experience Office at (936) 294-3422 or
Veterans Holds The hold is related to Military or Veterans Benefits.  Contact the Veterans Resource Center at (936) 294-1046 or for clarification and assistance with clearing this hold.