Auditing Classes

Steps to Audit a Class

  1. Print or download the Audit Request Form.
  2. You must be accepted by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions as either a SHSU or Audit only student. If you are already a SHSU student, you do not have to be reaccepted.
  3. Audit Request Form must be fully complete with the required Professor or Chair signature. An email confirmation from the respective Chair or Professor will be accepted if the course is an online course, however the fully completed form would still be required.
  4. Audit Request Forms are received between the 2nd-12th class days during fall/spring/full summer (10wk) semesters and the 2nd-4th class days during summer I & II semesters. If a seat is available, the Audit Request Form will be processed and a $50.00 per course payment must be paid to the Bursar’s Office. You will be notified via email when the form has been processed.

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