All students, faculty, and staff must complete training to ensure you know your rights and Title IX violations.


All first-time, first year, transfer and graduate students are required to complete the online Campus Prevention Training before the prescribed deadline to avoid a registration hold. The online training is approximately 2 hours in length and can be completed in multiple settings. Students are encouraged to start early and complete sections in increments.


Fall: October 9th

Spring: March 6th

Registration Holds

Holds will be applied to all students who have not completed the assigned training, prior to mandatory advising to encourage completion before registration. If a registration hold was placed on a student account, they MUST first complete the training and contact the Title IX Office at 936-294-3080 or to request a hold removal. Holds are removed within 24 hours of completion Monday - Friday.


Faculty and staff members are required to complete the online Title IX Gender-Based Misconduct Training within 30 days of their hire date.

Complete Employee Training