Mission Statement

Our Mission

The mission of the Registrar’s Office at Sam Houston State University is to provide superior service to the changing needs of our students, faculty, staff, alumni, and all complementary organizations as we:

  • Preserve and provide student academic records in perpetuity
  • Lead the campus registration process
  • Evaluate degree plans for prospective graduates and award diplomas
  • Provide our students with distinguished commencement ceremonies
  • Enforce our national, state, and institutional requirements
  • Maintain our student information system and supplemental software
  • Host and maintain the campus Academic Calendar

While remaining committed to protecting our data integrity, we will proactively seek innovated methods to improve efficiency in order to better assist our increasing populations.  We will cultivate a culture of respect and service by building strong internal and external relationships that promote collaboration through exemplary communication. At all stages of our processes, we will strive to exceed expectations of our services to others.

How We Serve

The Registrar's Office is a service department for students, faculty, and administrators.

Our primary functions are to register students, to maintain and provide a record of their academic studies and to certify them for graduation.

Through our office, students can process schedule changes, official resignations (withdraw from University), drop requests, requests for copies of official transcripts, requests for duplicate diplomas, and more.