Enrollment Verification Information

The SHSU Verification of Enrollment form can only be accessed when logged in with a valid SHSU email. If you do not have an active SHSU email, please refer to How to Request Enrollment Verification below.

What is Enrollment Verification?

Enrollment Verifications are proof of your status as a student at Sam Houston State University. Insurance companies, loan agencies, scholarship committees, and other organizations may require enrollment verification in order for you to be eligible for certain benefits.

In some cases, verification that you did not attend Sam Houston State University may be required. For this, please see Letters of Non-Attendance below.

How to Request Enrollment Verification

  • Current Students - National Student Clearinghouse

    Enrollment information for each term through National Student Clearinghouse will be avaliable approximately a week after each term's census day. If it is before census day for a term, or if National Student Clearinghouse is yet to have the current term's information, please see "Current Students - SHSU Verification of Enrollment" below.

    Enrollment verification through the National Student Clearinghouse includes the following:

    • Term start and end dates
    • Enrollment status during the term (full-time, half-time, etc.) and the effective status date
    • Expected graduation date
    • Certification dates for current and historical enrollment

    To obtain an enrollment verification from the National Student Clearinghouse, follow the steps below:

    1. Log in to the National Student Clearinghouse website at samweb.shsu.edu/regr04wp/
    2. Choose "Current Enrollment" or "All Enrollment"
    3. Click on "Obtain an Enrollment Certificate"
    4. Save, open, and print the file
  • Current Students - SHSU Verification of Enrollment and Third-Party Forms

    Current students can request and receive a Verification of Enrollment directly from SHSU. These Verification of Enrollments are avaliable starting the day after each term's census day. SHSU can also fill out select forms from a third-party that require enrollment verification, such as loan deferments and CHAMPVAs.

    Before census day for a term, we will not be able to provide enrollment verification. However, if needed, we can provide you with a Letter of Intent, which contains approximately the same information as a Verification of Enrollment. Verifications of Enrollment requested before census day will be completed after census day has passed.

    Request a SHSU Verification of Enrollment, submit a third-party form for enrollment verification, or request a Letter of Intent here.

    SHSU Verification of Enrollments and Letter of Intents include the following:

    • Term start and end dates
    • Enrollment status during the term (full-time, half-time, etc.) and all registered courses
    • Expected graduation date
    • Current GPA and earned credits
    • Student classification (freshman, sophomore, etc.)
    • Academic program information
    • End of term academic standing and final grades, if requested after the term has ended
  • Former Students, Alumni, and Parents of Current Students - National Student Clearinghouse

    Fromer students and parents of current students may generate and print an Enrollment Verification Certificate via National Student Clearinghouse at studentclearinghouse.org.

    Select the "Verify Current Enrollment" option after logging on to the site. A fee of $2.50 is charged by the Clearinghouse for this service.

    Former students may also order an official transcript through Parchment, which will contain history of semesters attended, grades, GPA, and any degrees awarded.

  • Third Party Requests for Information - National Student Clearinghouse

    Organizations (health insurance companies, prospective employers, etc.) can request enrollment verification directly from the National Student Clearinghouse at enrollmentverify.org.

    Select the "Verify Current Enrollment" option after logging on to the site. A fee of $2.50 is charged by the National Student Clearinghouse for this service.

    If there is a concern with a National Student Clearinghouse order, please email us at registrar@shsu.edu. You must include your National Student Clearinghouse transaction number in your email and a copy of the student's signed authorized release of information.

    We cannot verify student information to third parties over phone.

Letters of Non-Attendance

Letters of Non-Attendance are proof that you never established attendance at Sam Houston State University. Other universities may sometimes require this in select cases.

If you were ever enrolled in classes at Sam Houston State University past a term's census day, you are not eligible for a Letter of Non-Attendance, even if you later withdrew from the term you were enrolled in. In this case, you will need to order an official transcript through Parchment.

Request a Letter of Non-Attendance here.

Enrollment Verification FAQ

  • What constitutes enrollment?

    To be considered enrolled, a student must:

    • Be registered for and currently attending classes
    • Have fulfilled their financial obligation to the university for the semester
  • What is my time status?

    Only courses that you are actively enrolled in for the term count toward your course load and time status. Courses you are waitlisted for do not count.

    Undergraduate Time Statuses:

    • Full-time: 12 credit hours or more
    • Three-quarter-time: 9 - 11 credit hours
    • Half-time: 6 - 8 credit hours
    • Less than half-time: 0 - 5 credit hours

    Graduate Time Statuses:

    • Full-time: 9 credit hours or more in fall and spring, 6 credit hours or more in summer
    • Half-time: 6 - 8 credit hours in fall and spring, 3 - 5 credit hours in summer
    • Less than half-time: 0 - 5 credit hours in fall and spring, 0 - 2 credit hours in summer

    Graduate Assistants:

    Graduate students employed by the University at least half-time as graduate assistants, research assistants, or teaching assistants should enroll in a minimum of six graduate credit hours per term to be considered full-time graduate students. The maximum course load for graduate assistants on half-time employment is nine credit hours per fall or spring term or six credit hours during the summer.

    Graduate assistants on less than a half-time assistantship may have the maximum course load authorization increased proportionately by the appropriate department/school chair. For more information on the employment of graduate assistants refer to Academic Policy Statement 890303.

  • What/when is census day?

    Census day is always the last day in a term to drop courses without receiving a grade of Q. Enrollment is certified for each term on the full part of term's census day.

    For fall and spring semesters, census day is the twelfth day of the term. For summer semesters, census day is the fourth day of the term.

    We cannot give Verification of Enrollments until census day for the term has passed. Prior to census day, Letters of Intent can be provided instead.

  • How do I obtain proof that I'm on track to graduate this semester?

    Send an email to graduationteam@shsu.edu requesting a letter of intent to graduate.

  • I was given a form that needs someone to verify my enrollment. Where do I submit it?

    Fill out a SHSU Verification of Enrollment request here and upload your form when prompted. Leave all school/enrollment-related fields on the form blank and fill out any fields related to your personal information before uploading it.

  • When/why do I need a Letter of Intent instead of a Verification of Enrollment?

    Before census day, you can still add/drop classes from your schedule with no record on your transcript, which can affect your enrollment status with the university. Because of this, we cannot certify your enrollment until census day has passed.

    A Letter of Intent is meant to be used if you need proof of enrollment prior to census day. It contains the same information of a Verification of Enrollment, but acknowledges that you may still change your enrollment at the time it is issued.

    You can request a Letter of Intent here.

  • I have holds on my account. Can I still receive a Verification of Enrollment?

    Some holds, such as Cashier's holds, do prevent us from releasing a Verification of Enrollment. Please reach out to us at registrar@shsu.edu if you would like to verify if you're currently eligible to receive a Verification of Enrollment or if you would need to clear any holds on your account first.