Texas Success Initiative (TSI)

Students attending Texas public institutions of higher education must be in compliance with the Texas Success Initiative (TSI). The law requires all students entering college to be assessed for college readiness in mathematics, reading, and writing unless the student qualifies for a waiver or exemption. To read the law in full, click here.

In order to be ADVISED and REGISTER, students must meet TSI requirements.

To view your current TSI status: Visit MySam and select the "Registration" tab. From the "Registration Toolbox" you can check your TSI status or view test scores.

TSI Request Form and Exemptions

Submitting TSIA2 (TSI Assessment Version 2) Scores

If you have previous TSIA2 scores, you will need to submit the TSI Score Request Form to provide Sam Houston State University with written permission to download and access your TSI Assessment results. 

  • Our office may be unable to locate your TSI Assessment scores if the details you provide on the form do not match the information you provided to the Testing Center where you completed the TSI Assessment.
  • Please allow up to two business days for your TSI Assessment scores to be updated onto your Sam Houston State University student record. 


You may already be exempt from TSI requirements based on your standardized testing scores or other criteria.

TSI Requirements

Taking the TSIA2 Exam 

If you are not exempt, you must complete three steps in order to meet TSI requirements:

TSIA2 Placement

If you DO NOT receive a college ready classification score from the TSIA2 Exam, you must follow a developmental education plan.

The Reading and Writing sections of the previous version of the TSI Assessment have been renamed and combined into one section titled "English Language Arts and Reading" for the TSIA2. 

   TSIA2 Placement Status Mathematics

English Language Arts and

Reading (ELAR)

College Ready 950

ELAR 945 

and Essay Score of 5

College Ready


and Diagnostic Score of 6 

ELAR 900-944

and Essay Score of 5

and Diagnostic Score of 5 

Not College Ready 

Co-Requisite Options

MMA Section Options

See Advisor for Details


and Diagnostic Score of 1-5

ELAR 900 - 944

and Essay Score of 1-4

and Diagnostic Score of 1-4

Developmental Education Policies

Retesting - Things You Need to Know!

Additional Resources


For immediate assistance, please contact the Registrar's Office:

Email: tsi@shsu.edu