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Orientation – July 27

The schedule for new student orientation for the Class of 2026 is live and posted on the website at

White Coat – August 13


First Day of Class – August 8 


JumpStart – August 1

First Day of Class – August 8


Clerkship Prep at COM – June 27

First Day of Clerkship Rotations – August 1

Forms & Requests 

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    All SHSU-COM affiliated events (building guests, co-curricular and service) must be approved by the Dean's Office.

    1. A representative from each group must first complete the Event Request Form and email the completed form to No purchasing of materials or marketing of an event may take place without explicit approval from the Dean's Office. 
    2. If you access the from the webpage, you will need to download it (Export as PDF) and open it in Adobe Acrobat. (Everyone at SHSU has FREE access to Adobe products) This is important because otherwise you cannot change the dropdown menus. We are requesting digital copies of the form to save paper and to maintain accurate records. A best practice for completing the form is first opening the form in Adobe. To edit, find “Tools” at the top of the page. Then select “Edit PDF.

    3. Once approved, the requester will receive an email confirmation. 

    4. Following the email confirmation, you may then Submit an Event to be added to the Localist calendar. 

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    Submit an Event - Student Event Localist Calendar

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