COM Policies and Procedures

COCA Standard Document Title
1.1: Program Mission SHSU-COM Mission, Vision, and Goals
1.2: Strategic Plan SHSU-COM Strategic Plan
1.3: Licensing and Regional/Institutional Accreditation SHSU-COM Licensing and Regional/Institutional Accreditation
1.4: Governance & Program Policies  SHSU-COM Governance & Program Policies 
1.4-2a: Conflict of Interest SHSU-COM Conflict of Interest
1.4-2b: Due Process SHSU-COM Due Process
1.4-2c: Confidentiality  SHSU-COM Confidentiality 
1.4-2d: Fiscal Management and Accountability SHSU-COM Fiscal Management and Accountability
1.4-2e: Ethics, incorporating the AOA Code of Ethics SHSU-COM Ethics
2.4: Accreditation Standard Complaint Policies and Procedures SHSU-COM Accreditation Standard Complaint Policy
4.2: Security and Public Safety SHSU-COM Security and Safety Policies and Procedures
5.1: Professionalism SHSU-COM Professionalism Policies
5.3: Safety, Health, and Wellness SHSU-COM Policies and Procedures for Safety, Health, and Wellness
5.4: Patient Care Supervision SHSU-COM Policies Addressing Student Patient Care Supervision
6.2: Programmatic Level Educational Objectives SHSU-COM Programmatic Level Educational Objectives
6.3: Maximum Length of Completion SHSU-COM Policy for Maximum Length of Completion
6.9: Clinical Education SHSU-COM Clinical Education Delivery Policies and Procedures
6.11: Comparability Across Clinical Education Sites SHSU-COM Comparability Across Clinical Education Sites Policy and Procedures
6.12: COMLEX-USA SHSU-COM COMLEX-USA Policies and Procedures 
7.2: Faculty Approvals at All Teaching Sites SHSU-COM Faculty Approvals at All Teaching Sites Policies and Procedures
7.8: Faculty Appointment and Advancement SHSU-COM Policies and Procedures for Faculty Appointment and Advancement
8.1: Research and Scholarly Activity Strategic Plan SHSU-COM Research and Scholarly Activity Strategic Plan
8.4: Student Participation in Research and Scholarly Activity SHSU-COM Student Research and Scholarly Activity Policies
9.1-1: Admissions Policy and Procedures  SHSU-COM Admissions Policies and Procedures
9.1-2: Technical Standards SHSU-COM Technical Standards
9.2: Academic Standards SHSU-COM Academic Standards
9.3: Transfer Policies SHSU-COM Transfer Policies and Procedures
9.4: Secure Student Recordkeeping  Policies and Procedures on Student Recordkeeping
9.8: Mental Health Services SHSU-COM Counseling and Mental Health Services Policies and Procedures
9.9: Physical Health Services SHSU-COM Physical Health Services Policies and Procedures
9.10: Non-Academic Health Professionals - Recusal Policy SHSU-COM Recusal Policy and Procedure
9.11: Health Insurance SHSU-COM Health Insurance Policies and Procedures
10.1: Osteopathic Educational Continuum SHSU-COM Continuum of Osteopathic Education Policy
10.2: ACGME Accredited GME  SHSU-COM Support for Graduate Medical Education Policy