Program Support and Resources

The Office of Program Support and Resources

The Office of Program Support and Resources (PSR) provides centralized course support and academic technology integration assistance. In this capacity, the PSR team plays a direct role in the curricular experience through the utilization of innovative educational technologies and systems. The office collaborates with leadership and faculty to facilitate the design of new curricular initiatives, software integrations, and programmatic assessments to identify opportunities for process improvement.


The mission of the Office of Program Support and Resources (PSR) is to provide quality curricular support while integrating and managing innovative educational technologies for faculty and students. The department is focused on enhancing the academic experience for students by supporting faculty in the delivery of curriculum. Through a solution-oriented approach, the department provides a framework for best practices, policies, and procedures to support the College of Osteopathic Medicine. 


The Office of Program Support and Resources (PSR) strives to provide progressive and innovative course support and technology-driven resources to create experiential learning opportunities for future medical professionals. The department aspires to become a recognized leader in medical education support by continuing to develop sustainable programs that enrich faculty and medical student success.  

Values and Principles

  • Integrity. We maintain a high-level of integrity in how we support faculty and students when making decisions related to course support and academic technology use. 
  • Collaboration. We strive to work with all departments in a collaborative and supportive way that enhances faculty, staff, and student knowledge of policies and procedures related to
    curriculum support and technology resources. 
  • Adaptability. As the SHSU-COM evolves, we will remain nimble and adaptable to best support departments with their curricular and technology-driven initiatives.  
  •  Respect. We value all our students and promote respect in all interactions to support effective working and learning environments for each of them.