Last update: April 27, 2022

    Students, Staff, Faculty, and other Stakeholders are provided a variety of methods for confidential communication. Students are required to fill out End-of-Course Evaluations. All Stakeholders may use the SHSU-COM Feedback Form to provide feedback or address concerns to the COM. 

    Find Support

    Sexual Misconduct and Title IX investigations, grievance processes, and support services are facilitated through the Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion. These services include medical, counseling, legal assistance, and law enforcement. Students also may contact the SHSU Dean of Students with grievances, or the COCA to report violations of accreditation standards. 

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      The SHSU-COM Feedback Form offers an anonymous mechanism for all Stakeholders to provide feedback or concerns directly to SHSU-COM leadership. Responses will be reviewed by the Associate Dean for Educational Affairs and forwarded as appropriate to SHSU-COM leadership. 

      To offer an appropriate resolution, please report with the greatest details possible. 

      Resolution summaries updated on a monthly basis.

      SHSU-COM Feedback Resolutions

      Date ReportedReporter ClassificationSummary of ConcernSummary of Resolution



      Systems course -realign material and assessments 

      Course director is aware of the feedback and made some adjustments to the course. 



      A faculty/staff behavior  

      Additional diversity training is upcoming.  Identifying the person of concern is important for targeted intervention. 



      Dress code email lacked empathy 

      Not the intention; Timing of email not optimal; MSA followed up with students asking what they can do to help; only sent dress code reminder due to the number of visitors in the building. 



      Comment by faculty in class 

      Faculty member was not aware of the impact of the comment; this was brought to their attention.


      Prefer not to identify 

      Room capacity on the event request form 

      Room capacity was added to the form. 


      Prefer not to identify 

      Emails to students also sent to faculty and staff 

      Medical Student Affairs will work with Ms. Haney to have all things shared with students shared with faculty and staff as well. 

      10.7.21; 10.19.21  

      Faculty; Faculty  

      COM building adopt a fragrance free policy 

      A policy does not exist in SHSU Facilities or Human Resources.  For an individual accommodation, please contact HR.  



      Co-curricular/Extra review sessions schedule 

      A new policy regarding scheduling curricular and co-curricular events was just approved and will be shared COM-wide. 


      Prefer not to identify

      New cleaning product heavily scented 

      The cleaning product being utilized has been reviewed and approved by SHSU Facilities.   



      Research compliance – informed consent and spiritual content 

      This was shared with leadership so that it could be discussed with the course director. 



      Student and police officer incident 

      Met with UPD to discuss student interactions and safety concerns  




      Communication from Provost’s Office to shared services personnel 

      Listserv populated through Banner – appears shared services has different communication route; cannot change another entities listserv and have no way of knowing who recieves which correspondence. 

      01.12.22; 01.24.22

      Prefer not to identify; Student 

      Social Media Utilization

      Training on University Policy is forthcoming. 


      Prefer not to identify

      COM building temperature

      Constantly working to regulate temperature in building; report specific areas, and that information will be submitted to main campus where it is controlled 



      Arrangement of ALC room – difficult to see speaker 

      Exploring how to rearrange the room and still maintain the group dynamic that the space was designed to facilitate. 


      Prefer not to identify

      Research process and requirements including travel  

      More robust procedures and tracking processes are being implemented and refined.   


      Prefer not to identify 

      Communication and sharing information consistently 

      Communication is something we are always working to improve.  Incorporating a variety of modes such as a newsletter, email correspondence, Blackboard announcements and postings, digital signage, meetings, coffee chats, etc. are being utilized.  

      3.15.22,  3.16.22 (3); 


      Communication about sites/rotations on March 15, 2022 

      Discussed with Clinical Affairs and they are working to share as much information they have with students. 



      Peer tutoring for OMS2 students 

      Looking forward to being able to provide this in the future.   

      4.4.22 (4) 

      Faculty; Student

      Evening classes for Education major students at TWC 

      Sent anonymous feedback to TWC and COE for review.  

      4.6.22 (2) 

      Prefer not to identify;Student

      Student concern regarding interaction with faculty/staff 

      Met with student to address communication and approach to situations.  



      A faculty/staff member’s communication 

      Discussed the feedback with the supervisor.  



      Lack of timely response to anonymous feedback 

      Dr. West will do her best to speed the process up.  Please contact her directly if needed.