Last update: October 7, 2021

    Students, Staff, Faculty, and other Stakeholders are provided a variety of methods for confidential communication. Students are given the opportunity to respond to monthly Pulse Checks, and are required to fill out End-of-Course Evaluations. Students also may contact the SHSU Dean of Students with grievances, or the COCA to report violations of accreditation standards. 

    All Stakeholders may use the SHSU-COM Feedback Form to provide feedback or address concerns to the COM. 

    Feedback Tools Presentation Graphic

      The SHSU-COM Feedback Form offers an anonymous mechanism for all Stakeholders to provide feedback or concerns directly to SHSU-COM leadership. Responses will be reviewed by the Associate Dean for Educational Affairs and forwarded as appropriate to SHSU-COM leadership. 

      To offer an appropriate resolution, please report with the greatest details possible. 

      SHSU-COM Feedback Resolutions

      Date ReportedReporter ClassificationSummary of ConcernSummary of Resolution
      8.05.21 Staff Communication regarding new associate dean An announcement was in the works and was sent out on Friday, August 6, 2021.
      8.20.21 Student Requested more live lectures from a great teacher. All of the faculty member's future lectures are live in Clinical Anatomy. 


      Student  Student concerned about conduct of another student  Sent form to the SHSU Office of Institutional Diversity & Inclusion for review.
      9.21.21 Staff

      Staff concerned that writing on exterior windows causes extra work for custodial staff

      No action taken. Students are encouraged to utilize spaces for study purposes. The custodial staff have been asked not to erase student writing. 
      10.01.21 Did not identify

      Request to add "room capacity" on the Event Request form

      An updated event request form is being drafted based on user feedback.
      10.07.21 Did not identify

      Emails to students also sent to faculty and staff 

      Medical Student Affairs will work with Ms. Haney to have all things shared with students shared with faculty and staff as well. 
      10.11.21 Did not identify

      Co-curricular/Extra review sessions schedule 

      A new policy regarding scheduling curricular and co-curricular events was just approved and will be shared COM-wide. 

      Resolution summaries updated on a monthly basis.