Last update: July 7, 2021

    Students, Staff, Faculty, and other Stakeholders are provided a variety of methods for confidential communication. Students are given the opportunity to respond to monthly Pulse Checks, and are required to fill out End-of-Course Evaluations. Students also may contact the SHSU Dean of Students with grievances, or the COCA to report violations of accreditation standards. 

    All Stakeholders may use the SHSU-COM Feedback Form to provide feedback or address concerns to the COM. 

    Feedback Tools Presentation Graphic

      The SHSU-COM Feedback Form offers an anonymous mechanism for all Stakeholders to provide feedback or concerns directly to SHSU-COM leadership. Responses will be reviewed by the Associate Dean for Educational Affairs and forwarded as appropriate to SHSU-COM leadership. 

      To offer an appropriate resolution, please report with the greatest details possible. 

      SHSU-COM Feedback Resolutions

      Date ReportedReporter ClassificationSummary of ConcernSummary of Resolution

      Resolution summaries updated on a monthly basis.