The SHSU College of Osteopathic Medicine is the eighth college of the university and only the third college of osteopathic medicine in the state. The state-of-the-art facility will be housed in a five-story, 216,000 square-foot building on 7.3 acres, located in Conroe. Phase one, which is currently under construction, includes 108,000 square feet with surface parking with substantial completion expected by December 31, 2019. A future Phase Two expansion will add another 108,000 square feet with a reduction in surface parking due to the addition of a parking garage.

The college will employ 20 full-time clinical faculty, 17 full-time biomedical science faculty and 37 staff members. SHSU’s history of contributing to the well-being of the state, started over 139 years ago, when the university was established to respond to the need for trained teachers. At the time, state leaders recognized that education was key to improving quality of life and the subsequent prosperity of Texas. Today, the university is responding to another critical workforce demand, where education, gain, is key to elevating the quality of life for millions of Texans.