Steps to Apply - SHSU COM

   Step 1: Complete the Texas Medical & Dental Schools Application Service (TMDSAS) online application

The following items are to be submitted to TMDSAS to complete your application file:

  • Application Fee – non-refundable, flat fee of $200. Fee required to begin processing.
  • Official Transcripts - (not required at time of submission)
  • Letters of Evaluation and/or Health Professions Evaluations (HPE), due by November 15
  • Official MCAT Score Report
  • Completed and in-progress coursework

   Step 2: Complete the SHSU-COM Supplemental Application

You will receive an email invitation from SHSU-COM to complete the supplemental application after your completed primary application has been received from TMDSAS. SHSU-COM accepts credit card payments only for the $75 non-refundable application fee. The supplemental application and fee are required for consideration.

SHSU-COM does not offer fee waivers.

   Step 3: Complete your Acuity Insights Assessments (Casper & Duet). All assessments are required.

All applicants are required to complete Casper and Duet as part of their application. To complete these assessments visit the Acuity Insights website to create an account and register to complete the following assessments:

  • Casper: 90-110 minute online, open-response situational judgment test
  • Duet: 15-minute value-alignment assessment

The supplemental application, application fee, and Altus Assessments (Casper & Duet) are required for consideration.

   Holistic Review Statement

SHSU-COM Admissions practices a holistic review approach at several stages of the admissions process.

A holistic approach emphasizes the importance of balancing traditional metrics (i.e. academics) with experiences and attributes. Our mission driven holistic approach takes into consideration how each candidate’s diverse background and experiences contribute to classroom learning, clinical practice, and medical research.