Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I apply?

    The SHSU College of Osteopathic Medicine participates in the Texas Medical and Dental Schools Application Service (TMDSAS). TMDSAS is a centralized application for participating Texas medical schools. Visit TMDSAS website for more information. The COM also requires a supplemental application. Once you select Sam Houston State University College of Osteopathic Medicine and submit your TMDSAS application you will receive an invitation in your email with information on how and where to fill out the supplemental application.

  • When should I apply?

    It is recommended that you apply a year before you plan to matriculate. Although it is a requirement to have a bachelor's degree before enrollment this is not a requirement to apply.

    Before you apply, know TMDSAS’s deadlines and important dates, as well as SHSU-COM’s supplemental application deadline.

  • What Letters of Evaluation do I need?

    The Admissions Committee prefers a Health Professions Committee Packet (HPCP). If you do not have an advising office, we will accept a minimum of three letters of evaluation from faculty. Letters of evaluation from work supervisors, medically related preceptors, and research mentors are acceptable and can be used in lieu of faculty letters if you have been out of school more than one year.

  • Is an interview required?

    Yes, applicants are invited for personal interviews based upon a holistic review process that assesses experiences, attributes, backgrounds, and academic and MCAT performance. Interview sessions are scheduled between July and December (occasionally to January).

  • What is an interview like?/What should I expect when I come to an interview?

    EY22 interview sessions are conducted between July and December (occasionally into January) in a virtual format. Once invited, it is the applicant’s responsibility to schedule their interview day according to the direction given in the invitation. Each applicant is given one 30-minute traditional interview. The interview gives the Admissions Committee another measure to evaluate traits that may foster the development of a competent, empathetic, compassionate, and responsible physician.

  • What if I don’t get accepted the first time I apply?

    If you don’t get in the first year you apply, talk to your school’s health professions advisor about how to improve your application for the next year.

  • How much does it cost to go to medical school?

    Select "Osteopathic Medical" from the Average Cost of Attendance menu.