Email Signatures

A consistent signature line communicates a higher level of legitimacy and professionalism to anyone who receives it, and provides instant brand recognition for SHSU.

Every email is considered official university correspondence. Although email has emerged as one of the primary forms of communications, employees often don’t realize that their electronic communications reflect the tone of the university just as much as letterheads and business cards. The more consistent an email signature is, the more value it adds to our brand.

Download Email Signature Template

Standard Email Signature

SHSU-RGB_Orange Box Tilt

Sammy Bearkat
Job Title | Department
Sam Houston State University
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University-wide standard email guidelines:

  • Use standard san-serif fonts such as Arial, Verdana, Calibri
  • Do not use script fonts
  • Only use black fonts, no colors (black is easiest and quickest to read)
  • Other options include all of the above plus a final bolded, italic line

Motto: The measure of a Life is its Service
Tag: A Great Name in Education
Kats: Eat ’em up Kats!

  • Social media icons can be added below the last line of the signature