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  Project Request

Your input is vital in helping us understand your goals, requirements, and desired outcomes. Please provide as much information as possible to ensure a successful collaboration. Once you submit the Project Request Form a member of our team will review it.

  Website Request

Request a website update to modify your webpage, website or URL to meets the needs of your project, department or organization.
We are here to help you establish a strong digital presence that aligns with the University's goals. Please provide as many details as possible in the Website Request Form to initiate the process.


Launch impactful email campaigns to engage your audience and achieve your marketing goals.
Our email marketing team is ready to assist you in creating and executing effective email campaigns. Please complete the Email Request form to get started.

  Marketing Photography Request

Professional photography services are available to capture campus activities and accomplishments that offer high-impact opportunities to elevate the visibility of SHSU. You can request our Marketing Photography Services

   Share Student & Success Stories

The IMC Content team welcomes your content ideas that present strong opportunities to enhance SHSU's visibility. Please submit the story details.