Department Marks and Design Elements

Unit/Department Marks

Using one brand shows how the college or departments are related parts of a greater whole and helps audiences understand the depth of the research, academics and public engagement efforts of the university.

  • Colleges/departments/programs/centers/schools cannot create their own mark or “logo” and must use the approved layout (see below).
  • All college, department, program, center and school marks are created by SHSU Creative Services, which can provide variations to meet needs/usage.
  • No College/department/program/center/school mark alterations are allowed on any communications.
  • Design elements may be used to represent individual departments/units (example at left).
  • Areas using unauthorized marks will be asked to remove them immediately from any digital communications and from all future printed materials.

Department Marks

Design Elements

A design element is art that serves to help define a visual identity for a department or group. It must be used with the department or group mark.

Design Element