Social Media

Social media is a place for engagement with your audience. Make sure to always be friendly and professional.

When posting on social media, you are representing the university, college or department. It is important to reflect the voice of SHSU, not your personal voice or opinion. The voice should uphold the university’s mission, values and goals and be relevant to your target audience and the service you provide.

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  • Prior to starting a social media page, please contact the
  • Each department manages its own channels.
  • KatSafe must be implemented on all SHSU social media pages. This can be done by contacting Marketing & Communications.
  • Freedom of Expression includes social media comments, therefore, comments on posts cannot be deleted. If you receive a comment you think needs to be deleted, contact Marketing & Communications for consultation.
  • Social media accounts should follow SHSU branding guidelines and voice.
  • Post regularly for your audience. Before creating a new page, make sure you have the content and appropriate staff to maintain the page.
  • Limited character counts can cause the intent of a post to be misinterpreted. Reread posts and comments for accuracy, grammar, and to ensure it cannot be misconstrued as negative or inappropriate.
  •  It’s best to upload videos natively to the platform so the video will auto-play. If you post a link, the user has to click on the link and it will not play automatically. For ADA purposes, videos should be captioned if allowed by the platform.


Facebook—Great platform to post engaging content such as videos, photos, articles, news releases and information about the university, college or department.

Twitter—Limited to 280 characters. Use to shorten links for posts. It’s appropriate to use abbreviations and symbols to reduce tweets.

InstagramDriven by photos. Photos are squared and sized to 1080 px by 1080 px. Links are not clickable in a standard post, only in a story or in a profile section. Videos are limited to 60 seconds.

SnapchatContent stays up for 24 hours. Great way to interact with prospective and current students. Hashtags—Prior to creating a new hashtag, please research the hashtag to ensure content associated to

Hashtags—Prior to creating a new hashtag, please research the hashtag to ensure content associated to it is appropriate and positive. If possible, make hashtags SHSU specific (e.g., #SHSUOrientation).