University Branding

Building Awareness and Loyalty

Our brand is so much more than our SH logo and our orange and white colors. It’s what others think and feel when they hear the words “Sam Houston State University.” We can influence these thoughts by working together in a strategic effort to produce professional and consistent messages and images, in everything we do.

Brand Review

A brand review ensures that the SHSU brand is represented consistently in terms of style, tone and messaging, in online vehicles as well as print. By utilizing a comprehensive set of guidelines to assess the consistency of the brand, we can be sure it’s properly represented—everywhere.


Our voice is how the SHSU brand is expressed in words. The Sam Houston brand voice should be shaped around the university’s mission, values, and goals: pride, tradition, service and success.

Visual Identity

Visual elements are an integral component to the SHSU brand. Through consistent usage of our logo, our colors, and our fonts, our identity will strengthen.

We are currently undergoing a brand discovery, please check back for updates.

Social Media

Social media is an important communication tool to reach students, alumni, faculty, and staff.  Our social media guidelines will help you elevate your social media to the next level.