Letterhead, envelopes, business cards and email signatures are the first contact many people have with Sam Houston State University. Often they are the primary means of presenting SHSU’s identity clearly and consistently.

University letterhead, envelopes, business cards and email signatures reflect the same standards of consistency for all university units—on campus as well as off—and should be printed in a quality manner.

All stationery follows a standard format that has been developed for use by all units that are part of Sam Houston State University.

All SHSU stationery (letterhead, envelopes and business cards) can now be ordered online.

Order Stationery Online


  • Any printed communication must use the official SHSU letterhead as provided and printed by Print Services.
  • Additional logos or illustrations may not be used on stationery items. Questions should be addressed to Creative Services.
  • University letterhead does not allow for personalization; except for the President, Vice Presidents, Athletic Director and Deans.

Business Cards

Business cards are another element in the consistent application of SHSU’s identity. The cards are printed in two colors on a specially selected white paper stock. They are intended to provide university business information only. No additional logos can be printed on the business card.


All envelopes have the same format whether it is a #10, executive, or larger size.

Ordering Stationery

All stationery is ordered online through SHSU Print Services.

Digital Letterhead/Electronic Stationery

All electronic stationery follows university standards and is ordered through SHSU Creative Services. Digital letterhead is for electronic communications only. The template cannot be altered in any way. Any revisions must go back through Creative Services.