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The Sam Houston State University logo serves to identify the university in all forms of communications and preserves the integrity of its reputation. All materials, print or electronic, published by the university must correctly display the SHSU logo.

Primary Marks

The primary marks are your go-to SHSU marks! These marks are available by in both color and black/white by downloading below.  

Download Primary Marks for Digital  Download Primary Marks for Print

Orange Box
Orange Box Tilt
Orange Box_Uni Name R
Orange Box_Uni Name U
Orange Box_Uni Name S
Orange Box Tilt_Orange Uni Name S

One Color Marks

One color marks are typically used for promotional items. These marks are available in RGB and CMYK color modes in both color, black and white.  

For better suited marks that fit on smaller promotional items, such as pens, please contact our Creative Services Group.

Download One Color Marks for Digital  Download One Color Marks for Print

Orange SH
Orange SH - Uni Name R
Orange SH - Uni Name U
Orange SH - Uni Name S

Athletic Marks

Sam Houston State Bearkat athletics logos are trademarked and are the property of Sam Houston State Athletics. View the Athletic Brand Guide for correct usage of the marks.

Athletic Marks   Athletic Mark Usage   Athletic Guidelines    Athletic Colors    Internal Licensees

TSUS Member Statement

All SHSU collateral should include the TSUS Member Statement.

  • You must use the supplied artwork
  • Minimum size is 1 1/2" wide.
  • Use in conjunction with the name of the university.
  • The member mark can only be in black or white unless it is a one-color print job.

Download TSUS Member Statement Files

Black TSUS Member statement
White TSUS Member Statement

Logo Guidelines

The SHSU logos cannot be modified, manipulated, or distorted. The SHSU logos must follow these guidelines:

  • The SHSU logo should never appear smaller than other logos used
  • Minimum space around should be 25% of the logo size
  • For print, the minimum size of the logo is 1/2" with a space of 1/8" around the logo
  • For web, the minimum size of the logo is 54 pixels with a space of 14 pixels around the logo

Do not alter the colors  

DONOT-SHSU-CMYK_Orange Box_Green box
DONOT-SHSU-CMYK_Orange Box_mixed color spell out

Do not alter the proportions of the logo

DONOT-SHSU-CMYK_Orange Box_squished spell out

Do not put the logo in another shape or change the shape/size of the box

DONOT-SHSU-CMYK_Orange Box_diamond spell out

Do not change or alter the font of the logo

DONOT-SHSU-CMYK_Orange Box_aternative font float
DONOT-SHSU-CMYK_Orange Box_alt font spell out

Do not place the logo on a busy background

DONOT-SHSU-CMYK_Orange Box_busy bckgrnd float
DONOT-SHSU-CMYK_Orange Box_busy bckgrnd spell out

Do not change or alter the tilt of the logo

DONOT-SHSU-CMYK_Orange Box_Extreme tilt box
DONOT-SHSU-CMYK_Orange Box_extreme tilt bckgrnd