University Communications

Telling the SHSU Story

SHSU’s Communications team is committed to protecting and raising the university’s profile in the media. Our Communications team writes engaging content, bringing the many stories of SHSU faculty, staff and students to life through informative stories and compelling visuals. By creating sharable content, they serve to reach the broadest possible audience, serving readers and viewers, both inside and outside the university.

If you have an event, accomplishment or potential story you'd like to publicize, please contact our office to share your idea.

Media Inquiries

To provide clear and concise communications, university policy states that all media inquiries should be directed to university communications:

Reporting and Filming on Campus

News Crews

SHSU welcomes news media to its public campus. However, as a professional courtesy, we ask that members of the media contact Emily Binetti prior to filming or photographing on campus.

B-Roll Request

If you want existing video footage of Sam Houston State University, please contact Mike Foster.

Have A Great Story About SHSU? We Want To Know!

Submit an Idea to Today@Sam

Today@Sam is an online news center featuring news from around the university. We are looking for the best stories, news and research to engage readers. Great story topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Significant research
  • Philanthropy
  • Outstanding students
  • Innovations in the classroom or community
  • Interesting profiles of faculty, staff or alumni
  • University initiatives
  • University milestones

Submit story ideas to Today@Sam a minimum of two weeks in advance. 

SHSU Experts List

Sam Houston State University has faculty experts available to provide comment, insight and analysis on a wide range of issues. 

Find an SHSU expert.

SHSU Editorial Style Guide

The SHSU Editorial Style Guide can help university communicators maintain uniformity in writing and follow a style that is consistent and appropriate for print and online materials written for and about the university. The style guide was developed to save time, and alleviate questions about when to abbreviate something, where to use a comma and “all things SHSU.”

Our team has incorporated basic rules for writing in this style guide using The Associated Press Stylebook and Webster’s New World College Dictionary as primary references.

SHSU Editorial Style Guide