Meet the IMC Team

Who Are We?

We are a creative and diverse group of artists, storytellers, wordsmiths, designers and strategists dedicated to preserving and increasing the visibility of the Sam Houston State University brand. Our projects are more than just marketing - we strive every day to define and convey what makes SHSU a great name in education.

Chief Marketing Officer

Jeff Harris
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) & Public Information Officer (PIO)
936.294.1011 |

Amber Wood
Administrative Coordinator
936.294.2659 |

Tory Josey
Marketing Manager for COBA
936.294.2370 |

Marketing and Branding

Specialty Areas:

  • Licensing & Branding
  • Ticketing Operations
  • Athletics Fan Engagement
  • Athletics Media
  • Athletics Broadcasting
  • Sponsorships

Russell Martinez
AVP for Marketing and Branding
936.294.4260 |

Ticketing Operations

Russell Durrant
Associate Director Ticketing Operations
936.294.3443 |

Assistant Director Ticket Operations

Montel Gardner
Amplify Ticketing GM
936.294.3220 |

Josh Groover
Amplify Ticketing
936.294.2796 |

Fan Engagement

Associate Director Fan Engagement

Elliott Hansing
Marketing Manager
936.294.2364 |

Athletics Media

Ben Rikard
Assistant Director Athletics Media
936.294.1764 |

Cody Stark
Media Coordinator
936.294.2692 |

Athletics Broadcasting

Jason Barfield
Associate Director Broadcasting
936.294.3533 |

Mariano Rivera
Broadcast Production Coordinator
936.294.4491 |


Zach Kaddatz
VWSE General Manager
936.294.4132 |

Cristi Johnson
VWSE Account Manager
936.294.2363 |

Executive Communications & Media

Specialty Areas:

  • Executive Communications
  • University Media Relations
  • Crisis Communications

Brandon Webb
Director of Executive Communications & Media
936.294.1503 |

Marketing for Enrollment/Academics

Stephanie Knific
Director of Marketing for Enrollment/Academics
936.294.1833 |

Marketing for Criminal Justice Institutes

Nu'Nicka Epps
Director of Marketing for Criminal Justice Institutes
936.294.3579 |

Harriet McHale
Marketing Manager for CJ
936.294.1688 |

Digital and Analytics

Specialty Areas:

  • Social Media Strategy
  • EMMA Mass Email
  • Website Content and Development
  • Digital Advertising Strategy, Development and Implementation
  • Reporting and Analytics

Mauri Smith
Director of Digital and Analytics
936.294.1797 |

Associate Director of Digital and Analytics (Job Posting)

Meghan Burton
Digital Advertising and Research Analyst
936.294.3408 |

Mark McMurray
Digital Media Specialist
936.294.4308 |

Digital Media Developer (Job Posting)

Rigel Anthis
Digital Media Developer
936.294.3407 |

P. Miller
Digital Media Developer for CJ
936.294.1631 |

Digital Support Specialist (Job Posting)

Content Communications

Specialty Areas:

  • News Writing
  • Copywriting/editing
  • Marketing Photography
  • Marketing Videography
  • Social Media Content Creation

Emily Binetti
Director of Content Communications
936.294.4406 |

Emilee White
Assistant Director of Content and Social Media 

Mikah Boyd
Communications Manager
936.294.1837 |

Mike Foster
University Videographer
936.294.2504 |

Justin Calhoun
University Photographer
936.294.3669 |

Campbell Atkins
Content Specialist
936.294.2638 | 

Kim Foster
Content Specialist for CJ
936.294.4689 |

Creative Design and Production

Specialty Areas:

  • Graphic Design/Visual Communication
  • Strategic Creative Planning
  • Print Services
  • Questions/information related to the university’s branding and style guidelines

Zack Jones
Director of Creative Design and Production
936.294.4044 |

Creative Design

Associate Director Creative Services

Bri Garza
Assistant Director Graphic Design
936.294.3295 |

Jack Delaney
Graphic Designer
936.294.3430 |

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer for Athletics


Lori Proctor
Assistant Director of Print Services
936.294.1856 |

Michelle Clark
Administrative Associate

Stuart King
Manager Print Operations
936.294.1768 |

Kevin Anderson
Digital Graphics Technician
936.294.1858 |

Justin Simms
Print Specialist
936.294.1974 |

Doug McKerall
Print Specialist