Integrated Marketing Communications

We are a creative and diverse group of artists, storytellers, wordsmiths, designers and strategists dedicated to preserving and increasing the visibility of the Sam Houston State University brand. Our projects are more than just marketing – we strive every day to define and convey what makes SHSU a great name in education. 

Integrated Marketing Communications follows an integrated strategy and is organized such that strategy, structure and systems are aligned to produce optimal outcomes. Our team is structured around the marketing and communications process, which encompasses all steps from creative to production.

What Do We Do?

The Integrated Marketing Communications team has four main priorities:

  • Elevate SHSU’s reputation by sharing its stories and promoting its accomplishments to a broad audience, including the media
  • Promote and protect the SHSU brand through the use of consistent, effective visuals and messaging through the university’s communication vehicles
  • Ensure that the SHSU brand is portrayed as successfully in online vehicles as it is in print
  • Support internal clients on campus in developing and implementing their own marketing and communications strategies to achieve results

How Can We Help You?

Integrated Marketing Communications is a full-service, on-campus agency that exists to further SHSU’s strategic objectives and support the university community. We are happy to provide our time, expertise and resources to partner with you in the following areas: Branding, CommunicationsCreative ServicesMarketing, and Print Services.

Our services include:

  • Brand management
  • Reputation management  
  • Emergency communication
  • Content creation
  • Internal communications
  • Email Marketing
  • Executive communications
  • Social media strategy and management
  • Strategic planning 
  • Advertising 
  • Print services
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Website Support

Working Together

Below are a few tips for working with us that will ensure a successful collaboration:

  • Involve us early. Like most departments, we are typically managing numerous projects and deadlines all at once and need sufficient time to provide value-added assistance. As a general rule, a brochure takes four weeks from concept to completion, a direct mail piece takes three weeks and a press release takes two weeks.
  • Strategize in advance. If possible, come to us with a clear idea of why you are doing this, what you need, how you want to communicate it and to whom. Of course, if you require help strategizing in advance, we will assist you with creating a plan.
  • Be timely. Time is of the essence. When it comes to media inquiries, an unreturned phone call typically translates to a missed placement opportunity. When it comes to project management, honest feedback is essential throughout the project stages to ensure deadlines are met.
  • Be specific. The more clearly you articulate the objectives, the more successful your project will be. And, don’t be afraid to ask us for guidance; our team has years of experience in a variety of areas!