Collaborating with Skype for Business

With Skype for Business collaborating can be done in a scheduled or unscheduled conversation or meeting. A PowerPoint presentation, collaboration on a whiteboard, or sharing the screen are all collaboration options.

The same functions are available in both conversations and meetings; however, the options will look differently depending on whether it is in a conversation or meeting. Meeting options and the display will be a dark gray color, while conversations will have a lighter color.

Present the Desktop or a Program

  1. Double-click a contact’s name to start a conversation
  2. Click the present (monitor) icon
  3. From the Present options:
  • Click Present Desktop to show all the content of the desktop
  • Click Present Program, and double-click the program to display


If Present Desktop or Program is selected, once the desktop (in the event of multiple monitors) or program is selected, a yellow box will appear around the content being displayed. If the Desktop is being presented, display bar will display at the top of that desktop indicating what is being presented.


Present a PowerPoint Presentation

  1. Double-click a contact’s name to start a conversation
  2. Click the present (monitor) icon
  3. On the Present icon, select Present PowerPoint Files, and upload the file to the conversation
    • To move the slides, click Thumbnails, then click the slide you want to show, or use the arrows at the bottom of the meeting room
    • To see your presenter notes, click Notes
    • Click the Annotations button on the upper-right side of the slide to open the toolbar, and use highlights, stamps, laser pointer, and so on



Transfer a File

Use the Add Attachment option to send files in a conversation

  1. Double-click a contact’s name to start a conversation.
  2. Click the present (monitor) icon
  3. On the Present icon, select Add Attachment
  4. Upload the file to the conversation

Skype for Business sends a file transfer invitation to the recipient, and the file is sent if the invitation is accepted.


TIP:  A file can also be shared by selecting the paperclip icon in the chat area.

Share a Whiteboard

A whiteboard is a blank page where notes can be typed, drawn, and images imported so meeting participants can work together on a project.

  1. In a conversation or meeting window, select Present icon
  2. Click Present More
  3. A pop-up will appear with three options, select Whiteboard
  4. Use the annotation toolset on the right side of the whiteboard that includes items such as highlight, stamps, laser pointer, writing, and drawing tools. SelectWhiteboard


Give Control of the Sharing Session to Other People

Other people have the ability to control the sharing session, contribute information, change a document, or demonstrate an application is permission is granted.

  1. On the display bar at the top of the screen, click Give Control.
  2. Select the name of a person listed
  3. Click Give Control Automatically, to automatically give access to anyone who requests control of your desktop.


Take Back Control of a Sharing Session

  1. To take back control of your desktop or program, click Give Control
  2. If Give Control Automatically is selected, click it to clear. To take back control from a person, click Take Back Control.