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Connecting Network Shares: Mapping Network Drives

SHSU Technology Tutorials | Mapping Network Drives


Connecting to Network Drives

Network drives can only be connected to by on campus users. You must be using the campus network to connect. Particular locations of interest include:


T Drive

  • Gives faculty and staff the capability to store files on a common drive that everyone can access.
  • Although access is available, certain files and folders, still have restrictions on who can view the material.  
  • Connection Path - \\winfscommon\common


S Drive

  • Gives each user their own individual drive to store material.
  • This drive cannot be accessed by other users, so any files that need to be kept personal can be kept on the S drive.
  • Students have a 500 MB quota
  • Faculty and Staff have a 3GB quota   

   To find which winfshd server you are on go to

  • Type CMD then press ENTER.
  • This will bring up the command prompt.
  • Type net user username (e.g. abc123) /domain

Connection Path –\\winfspr[1-4]\users$\username