SHSU myAccess VPN

What is

The myAccess VPN system will allow you to access various SHSU software remotely.  You must request and be approved for this type of access. Once your access has been approved, you will be able to access files on the SHSU network from any computer off-campus as long as there is an internet connection.

If you only need access to your S:\ and T:\ drives, you can use For additional information regarding this option, visit here.

VPN icon

  • Accessing Network Drives:

    To access your S:\ and T:\ drives from a machine that is not on the SHSU network, open a web browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox) and go to Once on that page, you will enter your SHSU username and password and click on the Sign In button.

     myAccess Website

    Once you log in, you will see links displayed to your S: Drive and T: Drive.

    myAccess Main Page (S:\ & T:\ Drives)

    To access your files, you will click on one of the hyperlinks listed.  If trying to access files on the T drive,  click on the T: Drive link,.  A list of all the folders you have access to on the T drive will appear. You can then continue to click on folder names until you get to the files that are needed.

    The same applies to your S:\ drive. If you click on the S: Drive link, you will then be able to see all files and folders that are saved on your S:\ drive.

    Example of S:\ Drive

  • Managing Your Files:

    Once you’ve located the folders or files you want to work with you have several options available to you like downloading, uploading, deleting and even create new files. 

    You can download the file to your local computer by clicking on the link for that file. You can also download multiple files by clicking on the checkbox next to each file and then clicking on the Download… button at the top of the screen.

    You may also delete files from this screen. Just click on the checkbox next to each file to delete and then click on the Delete… button at the top of the page.

    Another option that you will have is to upload a file. To do so, click on the Upload Files… button from the top, right-hand side of the page. A window will then pop up to allow you to select the files that you need to upload.

    Last, you can create a new folder if needed. Just click on the New Folder… button to proceed.

    S:\ Drive files. Notice the Delete..., Download..., Upload Files…, and New Folder… Buttons near the top of the page. 

    Example of the Upload Files Screen

  • Remote Desktop to Computer:

    Some individuals, based on work needs, will have the ability to use remote desktop protocol (RDP) into their campus desktop computer to access special software or to gain access to protected SHSU resources.  If you have this ability, you will see a section labeled HTML5 Access Sessions and a link to access your desktop will be in that section. To access your desktop, just click on that link.

    If you feel you have a need for this access, please contact the Service Desk.


  • Exiting

    To properly logout of you will need to click on the Sign Out button located on the top-right hand corner of the browser window. 

  • FAQs:

     1.     I’m receiving a message that my session will expire.  Why am I getting this message?

    You may see a session expiration message if the session has set idle for a period of time. If you see this message, just click on OK to extend the session if it is still needed.

     Session Expiration

    2.     Will the file changes I make through be reflected when I log into my computer on campus?

    Yes, the changes will be updated.

    3.     Do I have to be on the internet to log into

    Yes, you have to have an active connection to the internet.

    Additional questions can be directed to the Service Desk by calling 936-294-4357 or by sending an e-mail to