Importing a PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint presentations can be imported and edited in Captivate. Imported slides can be edited in a Microsoft PowerPoint environment from within Captivate.

To import a presentation, select From PowerPoint, then Create. Locate the file and select Open. Captivate will display the Convert Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation dialogue box.




  • Captivate will automatically detect the resolution of your project based on your PowerPoint slide size. The recommended resolution is 960*720.
  • If there are any slides that should not be included, deselect them in the Slide Preview section
  • Captivate will set the project to advance to the next slide when the mouse is clicked. This can also be set to advance automatically.
  • For a smaller file size, select the Linked check box. However, this will mean that Captivate will need continual access to the original PowerPoint file. Any changes made to the Captivate file will need to be made in the original PowerPoint. Deselect the Linked checkbox if access to the PowerPoint may not always be available. This will embed the PowerPoint in the Captivate project.

Once the options are selected, the presentation will be imported into a Captivate project.