Adding a Quiz

Captivate has an interactive quiz feature to add an assessment to your presentation. To insert a quiz:

  1. Select the Quiz menu
  2. Select Question Slide
  3. And select the type of question and quantity to put in the quiz
  4. Select OK



To edit the question or answer, simply click in the appropriate text box to edit.

The properties panel changes to reflect that this slide is a quiz,


Quiz Preferences

If the project has a quiz or will be in Talent Management, it needs to be set up properly for reporting:

  1. Select the Quiz menu
  2. Select Quiz Preferences
  3. Select Reporting from the Quiz section
  4. Check the box labeled Enable reporting for this project
  5. Make sure that SCORM 1.2 is selected


In the Advanced options ensure that Never Send Resume Data is UNchecked


In the Pass or Fail section, set the percentage required to pass the quiz. The default is 80%

The number of attempts a user is allowed can also be set. The default is 1.

Once all Preferences are final, select OK.