Testing Center Rules and Conditions

  1. I understand that I must comply with the Testing Center rules and conditions and if I fail to do so, my test results may be canceled, no monies will be refunded and legal action or other remedies may be pursued.
  2. I understand that I must have proper identification to be permitted to take exams. Proper identification includes two pieces of positive identification one of which includes a picture and signature.
  3. I understand that my responses may be used for purposes of training and instruction. Further, I understand that if my response is used for these purposes, individual identifying information will be removed.
  4. I understand that the test administrators are responsible for maintaining a secure test administration and that I authorize the administrators to act as my agents in maintaining test security and will cooperate with them. I further agree to follow all reasonable oral or written instructions presented at the test administration. I understand that if I fail to comply with this requirement, I may be dismissed from the test administration and/or my score may be canceled.
  5. I agree not to communicate with other examinees or other individuals other than the test administrators during the test administration. I further agree not to disrupt or in any way behave in any way that would adversely affect my performance or the performance of other examinees. I understand that if I fail to comply with this requirement, I may be dismissed from the test administration and/or my score may be canceled.
  6. I understand that all test questions and other test materials are the property of the testing company and/or its contractors and have been developed at great cost. I further understand that the materials must be kept confidential and secure from disclosure. These materials are not available to me outside of the test administration, either before or after the test administration. I understand that I can not and will not take any assessment materials including notes from the test administration room. Any other duplication of test materials, in whole or in part is prohibited. I promise and agree not to disclose any of the contents of the assessment and will not duplicate or reproduce information contained in those booklets in whole or in part. I understand that if I should fail to comply with this requirement, I may be liable for the costs associated with a failure to comply and may be subject to other legal remedies including injunctive relief for any such action on my part.
  7. I understand that my scores will be made available to institutions of higher education, and appropriate state agencies. If I wish to cancel my scores I must do so before leaving the test center by notifying the test administrators in writing of my desire to do so. If the testing company has any doubt about the legitimacy or validity of my score, they may cancel my test score if in their sole opinion there is adequate reason to question the validity or legitimacy of the score.
  8. I understand and agree that liability for test administration activities, including but not limited to the accuracy of the assessment materials, assessment scores, administration conditions including computer equipment, will be limited to a retake of the assessment or correction of the scores at no additional charge. I waive all rights to all further claims arising out of any acts or omissions of the testing company and/or its contractors.
  9. I understand that the assessment itself and the assessment program are subject to change at the sole discretion of the testing company and/or its contractors.
  10. If I object to any of these rules or conditions, I understand that I will advise the test administrators before the test administration and the objection will be considered prior to allowing me to take the assessment. If my objection is not honored, I will not be permitted to take the assessment.
  11. I understand that should any of these rules or conditions or other aspect of the assessment process be declared by any court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid or illegal, the remaining rules, conditions and assessment components will not be affected and will remain in effect.
  12. I understand that all fees charged by the Testing Center is non-refundable and non-transferable (paid fees do not transfer to a different test date). In the event that I am unable to attend my scheduled test session, I will be required to pay the registration/administration fee again.
  13. I understand that the Testing Center is not responsible for any personal items that I choose to bring to the center that are considered prohibited items in the testing room. I understand that I am encouraged to leave all personal items of this nature at home.