Internship In Health Service Psychology  

Doctoral Internship

The Sam Houston State University Counseling Center offers a twelve-month, 2,000 hour doctoral internship in health service psychology open to counseling and clinical psychology doctoral candidates. There will be two internship positions available each year. These are full-time, paid positions. The internship year begins on the first Monday of August and ends one calendar year later. If after reading these materials you have questions about the internship, please e-mail Dr. Diane Stoebner-May, Training Director. 

Please view the SHSU Counseling Center Internship Brochure for an outline of the training program, sample schedule, and information on application and selection requirements.

Please view the Training Policies and Procedures document for summary procedures related to intern recruitment and selection, internship duration, stipend, and benefits, standards for successful completion of the internship, evaluations, due process and intern appeals, grievances, and nondiscrimination policies.

Accreditation Status

The Sam Houston State University Counseling Center Psychology internship is not accredited by the American Psychological Association. Questions related to the program’s accreditation status should be directed to the Commission on Accreditation:

Office of Program Consultation and Accreditation American Psychological Association 750 1st Street, NE, Washington, DC 20002 Phone: (202) 336-5979 Email:

APPIC Membership Status

The Sam Houston State University Counseling Center Psychology Internship is not a member of APPIC at this time.

Internship Dates, Salary, and Benefits

Salary: The internship appointment period is from the first week of August to the end of July, and carries a salary of $25,080 for 12 months. Interns receive their salary in bimonthly increments. Interns are full-time (40 hours per week), benefits-eligible university employees. Interns are provided with the same basic benefits as other Sam Houston State University staff that include health insurance, paid sick leave and vacations, university holidays (approximately 15 days annually), free access to fitness center, and use of the library. Interns may also be approved for Professional Development Time by request, for dissertation preparation or defense, EPPP, job interviews and professional conferences. For more information on SHSU staff benefits, please visit:

Interns have the option of serving as a Counselor in Residence (CIR), and those that do receive on-campus housing benefits that equal approximately $9,600 in exchange for providing emergency counseling/assessment services and presenting/participating in Residence Life trainings and programs for students. Additionally, a meal plan for the fall and spring semester valued at $2,120 is provided for the Counselor in Residence as well.

Statement regarding COVID and internship training

The Sam Houston State University Counseling Center will be providing services remotely in effort to help stop the spread of COVID and keep our staff and students safe.  While providing remote services creates some challenges, it also create unique opportunities for both training and client care. Individual counseling services have not been interrupted and we have been successful in providing telehealth to our clients during the pandemic.  We will make every effort to have our group counseling programs offered remotely in the fall; however, since this is a new format, we are uncertain if all groups will be able to make.  Additionally, since our students will not be able to enter the building in the fall, we will not be offering assessment services for the fall semester. Please note that although this service will not be provided, the training program includes other activities to meet the profession-wide competency of assessment.  Any change in the requirements for successful completion of internship (due to COVID) will be noted and included as addendum in the training manual.  

 Please note that situations related to telehealth and COVID are ever evolving, so changes may be made to this manual as issues arise. You will be informed of any policy changes by the Training Director and your supervisor.