Internship Structure

Direct Service Hours

  • Interns will complete 18 hours of direct service hours compiling of individual therapy, group therapy, couples therapy, and outreaches.
    • Required to participate in one group
  • Psychological Assessment 
    • Brief screenings for Triage Clinic
    • Opportunity to refine existing assessment skills and develop a more sophisticated ability to select, administer, and interpret cognitive and achievement assessment instruments.


Interns will participate in two hours per week of didactic training. Didactic seminars will cover various aspects of professional development. Most didactics will have required and/or optional readings, demonstrating the integration of scientific literature into the training program.


  • Individual supervision twice weekly with primary supervisor (licensed psychologist)
  • Weekly Supervision of Supervision
  • Group Supervision one hour per week

Other Trainings

  • Weekly Case Conference
  • Monthly Meeting with the Training Director

Indirect Hours

  • Clinical Documentation
  • EPPP studying
  • Dissertation preparation
  • Intern Project
  • Professional Development
    • Interns will accompany the staff to annual Social Justice in College Counseling conference hosted by Texas A&M University 
    • Interns will be given time away from the office to engage in other professional development opportunities