Internship Goals & Objectives

Goal 1 – Provide training and experiential learning opportunities for the development of skills in assessment, counseling, crisis intervention, consultation, outreach, and supervision.

Assessment and Counseling Objectives

  1. To develop skills conducting initial assessments and intakes
  2. To develop clinical judgment skills in formulating diagnostic impressions and assigning case disposition
  3. To develop skills in case conceptualization
  4. To develop skills in treatment planning
  5. To develop skills in individual therapy, group therapy, and couple’s therapy
  6. To develop skills in developing a therapeutic alliance, understanding the therapeutic relationship, and understanding use of self in the therapeutic space
  7. To develop skills in utilization of therapeutic interventions consistent with one’s theoretical orientation, the presenting concern of the client, and treatment goals

Crisis Intervention Objectives

  1. To develop skills in effective assessment of risk
  2. To develop confidence in making appropriate triage decisions
  3. To develop skills in crisis intervention and response
  4. To develop skills in navigating necessary consultations and referrals

Consultation Objectives

  1. To develop skills in utilizing consultation to maximize client care
  2. To develop skills in interacting with other professionals
  3. To develop clinical judgment needed to inform decisions about when and with whom one should consult


  1. To develop skills in preparing and presenting psychoeducational materials to the broader campus community
  2. To develop skills in outreach program development and evaluation
  3. To develop skills in utilizing scientific knowledge base to inform large communities about psychological issues


  1. To develop skills in clinical supervision
  2. To utilize supervision spaces to think critically about clinical work and about oneself as an agent of change
  3. To build one’s ability to give and receive feedback thoughtfully and openly
  4. To utilize self-evaluation in one’s efforts toward professional development
  5. To develop skills in integrating supervision discussions in clinical work

Goal 2 – Provide an open and supportive environment conducive to the development of multicultural competence and sensitivity to individual differences and to provide experiential learning opportunities to integrate developing knowledge base into work with diverse populations.

Multicultural Awareness Objectives

  1. Develop awareness and understanding of multicultural and diversity issues and how those issues impact clinical work
  2. Develop skills in integrating multicultural awareness in clinical work and in use of self within the therapeutic relationship
  3. Develop skills in addressing issues of diversity in the counseling room
  4. Develop skills in effectively integrating multicultural principles in didactic presentations and outreaches
  5. Develop skills in openly reflecting on and addressing one’s own cultural biases

Goal 3 – Provide a professional working environment that encourages and gives space to professional identity development and the development of professional competence.

Professional Identity Development Objectives

  1. Develop ethic of professional responsibility as demonstrated in timeliness of reports and ability to maintain expected work load
  2. Demonstrate progress in the development of one’s professional identity
  3. Develop a thorough understanding of ethical and legal principles and standards of practice utilize that knowledge in clinical work and decision making
  4. Demonstrate thoughtful and intentional efforts toward professional development
  5. Develop skills in functioning as a contributing member of a professional team