Internship AIMS

Our mission is to provide quality training that will prepare interns to successfully transition from graduate students to practicing psychologists. We utilize a scholar-practitioner model, which emphasizes the use of scholarly and research literature to inform case conceptualization, and integrate evidence-based treatment literature with treatment planning and intervention. Internship and its associated growth are viewed through a developmental lens, and we assist interns as they grow in their professional development, reflect on their use of self, and continue to increase their multicultural competence.

Our internship has three major aims:

  1. Provide training and experiential learning opportunities for the development of skills in counseling, assessment, crisis intervention, consultation, outreach, and provision of supervision.
  2. Provide an open and supportive environment conducive to the development of multicultural competence and sensitivity to individual differences and to provide experiential learning opportunities to integrate developing knowledge base into work with diverse populations.
  3. Provide a professional working environment that encourages and gives space to professional identity development and the development of professional competence.