Helpline. We Listen.

 Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 4-7 pm

Are you...

  • Feeling stressed or overwhelmed?
  • Having a bad day?
  • Dealing with a breakup?
  • Having relationship issues?
  • Having trouble adjusting to college?
  • Struggling in your classes?
  • Feeling lonely or sad?
  • Experiencing anxiety or panic attack?
  • Needing to talk to someone?

Call the Helpline at 936-294-4111

The SHSU Helpline is an after-hours mental health service offered by the Counseling Center. The SHSU Helpline has trained volunteers available  to help you talk through many life challenges, such as stress, anxiety, depression, adjusting to college, relationship concerns, and more. The SHSU helpline is a free resource and is available to both students and the community.

The SHSU Helpline operates on Monday-Thursday from 4-9 pm during the fall and spring semester and on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 4-7 pm during the summer semester. Trained volunteers are available to offer a listening ear, support, and community crisis resources in a confidential and nonjudgmental way. 

All Helpline volunteers are required to go through training, receive on-going supervision and continuing education with mental health clinicians at the Counseling Center. 


Sam Houston Counseling Center

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