Counseling Center Mission Statement

The Sam Houston State University Counseling Center assists students in resolving personal difficulties that prevent optimal functioning. The Counseling Center assists in the development of skills, attitudes, and resources that support success in the college environment as well as the pursuit of a productive and satisfying life. The Counseling Center strives to support the overall mission of the University by facilitating the academic, emotional, and social development of students and by serving as mental health consultants for the larger campus community. A commitment to students’ personal growth and a respect for the richness of the human experience are guiding principles in the work we do.

Goals of the Counseling Center

The four major goals of the Counseling Center are to:

• Provide individual, group, and couples counseling, along with crisis intervention to address the personal and educational concerns of a diverse student population and assist students in overcoming obstacles to their educational success.

• Provide outreach programming that enhance the well-being of the campus community.

• Provide consultation services that enhance the well-being of the campus community.

• Provide training experiences for advanced graduate students and unlicensed professionals so they can become effective providers of mental health services.