Making An Appointment

To start receiving Counseling Center services, you need to attend an intial screening. Initial screenings do not require an appointment and are conducted on a first come, first served basis between the hours of 9am and 3pm. Just drop by at a time that works for you and let one of our friendly receptionists know you’re here for an initial screening. You will be asked to fill out some brief paperwork and then you’ll visit with a counselor for about 20 minutes. During this time, the counselor will ask you a series of questions designed to help understand the specific nature of your concerns. Based on the outcome of this conversation the counselor will refer you to one or more of our services that will best meet your needs. Most students feel a little anxious the first time they see a counselor, but once you come to your intial screening, it becomes a lot easier!!!

If you would like to learn more about counseling at the Counseling Center, call or stop by to make an appointment to talk with a counselor. The Counseling Center is located next to Old Main Market. The telephone number is (936) 294-1720.

Sam Houston Counseling Center

Box 2059 | Huntsville, TX 77341-2059 | Phone: 936.294.1720 | Fax: 936.294.2639