Myths About Counseling

Counseling and the therapeutic process is something that is misunderstood by many people. Below are some common myths about counseling:

MYTH 1: Counseling is only for people who have emotional problems.

FACT: While counseling does deal with people who have emotional problems it can also help:

  • Students choose a major or career path.
  • Individuals who just want to understand themselves better.
  • Couples who are contemplating marriage or want a stronger relationship.
  • Individuals who have difficulty being assertive.
  • Individuals having problems with grades and tests and/or are experiencing academic failure.
  • Students having difficulty juggling school, work, or parenting.
  • Students trying to fit in and adjust to their new surroundings in Huntsville.

MYTH 2: People in counseling are inherently weak.

FACT: There is nothing weak about a person who enters counseling. The individuals who enter counseling are, in fact, taking the first step in solving their difficulties. A lot of people would view this as courageous.

MYTH 3: Change is simple.

FACT: Change is not always simple and may take time and energy to happen. Therapy is not a "quick fix" cure to your problems.

MYTH 4: The counselor is your "psychic" who tells you what to do with your life and how to "fix" your problems.

FACT: The counselor is there to help you achieve the goals you set and help you resolve your problems. While counselors will NOT tell what to do, they will help you explore the potential ups and down side of your choices.

MYTH 5: The psychologists at the counseling center can prescribe medications for me such as anti-depressants for my problems.

FACT: Psychologists do not prescribe medications - a psychiatrist or a general physician prescribes medication. The Counseling Center does not dispense any medications. If you need a prescription drug, the Health Center on campus has physicians who will be able to assist you. However, this is something you can discuss with a counselor, and the Health Center may refer you to the Counseling Center.

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