C.O.P.E. Workshops

Workshop Mini Series!

Short on time, but still want to develop a few coping strategies? Click the link below to watch 3 mini workshops that cover the following topics:

  • Getting Better Sleep 
  • Helping a Friend with Mental Health Concerns
  • Coping with Depression and Anxiety

To view these 10-minute workshops, click on the following link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL39p3BA4DPl5QSlEcf6uG0HA_uDinpohG

For additional mental health resources, please visit the Self-Help Resources tab on the left for more tips. You can also use our FREE and PRIVATE online therapy program, TAO! To do so, click "Sign-Up Self-Help" on the TAO widget towards the bottom of the screen. You MUST use your SHSU email address to register.

Helping Kats C.O.P.E. Workshop Series


Stressed? Overwhelmed? Just want to feel better?  SHSU Counseling Center offers free mental wellness workshops on helpful tips for coping with everyday life.


Fall 2023 Schedule:


Learn how to develop a self-care routine and manage stress.

  • Wed, Sept. 20th from 12-1 pm (LSC Rm 144)
  • Wed, Nov. 1st from 12-1 pm (LSC Rm 325)


Learn tips and tools to develop a healthier relationship with your devices and technology.

  • Mon, Oct. 9th from 12-1 pm (LSC Rm 116)
  • Thurs, Nov. 9th from 1-2 pm (LSC Rm 116)


Got questions about group therapy or unsure about group therapy? Come learn how participating in a group can be beneficial to helping you learn coping skills and treating all types of issues.

  • Thurs, Aug.  31st  from 12-1 pm (LSC Rm 115)
  • Wed, , Sept  6th from 12-1 pm (LSC Rm 115)
  • Mon, Sept 11th from 12-1 pm (LSC Rm 115)
  • Tues, Sept 19th from 12-1 pm (LSC Rm 115)


Join us as we discuss your rights in intimate relationships, healthy boundaries, relationship warning signs and important resources. New topics each week.

  • Every Tuesday from 1-2 pm (LSC Rm 144)
  • Sept 26th -Nov 14th
  • Different location Tues, Oct. 31st (LSC Rm 325)
  • Hosted by the Montgomery County Women's Center. Some information may be collected for the program


Learn the causes of test anxiety and build skills to reduce it.

  • Thurs, Oct. 5th  from 12:30-1:30 pm (LSC Rm 116)
  • Thurs, Nov.16th from 12-1 pm (LSC Rm 116)


Grief and loss affects all of us. Learn how to cope and walk through the different stages of loss.

  • Wed, Sept. 20th  from 12-1 pm (LSC Rm 325)
  • Wed, Nov. 1st  from 12-1 pm (LSC Rm 241 A)


Becoming a certified Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper can help save a life!

  • Tues, Oct.10th from 1-2:30 (LSC Rm 116)
  • Mon, Nov. 6th from 1-2:30 pm (LSC Rm 230 A)
  • SPACE IS LIMITED! Email Michelle Haynes at mch033@shsu.edu to register for this workshop.


The ending of a relationship can be a painful and confusing experience. Learn helpful tips on how to weather the storm of a break-up.

  • Tues, Oct. 17th from 12-1 pm (LSC Rm 325)
  • Wed, Nov. 15th from 12-1 pm (LSC Rm 116)


For more information, contact Michelle Haynes at mch033@shsu.edu or (936) 294-1720


Workshops will held in person and held at the Lowman Student Center (LSC) during Fall 2023.



Frequently Asked Questions

How are workshops different from traditional individual or group counseling?

  • With traditional forms of counseling, you meet one-on-one or in a small group setting to discuss your concerns. Traditional counseling can last anywhere from a few weeks to several years.
  • Workshops, on the other hand, are actually similar to many of the college classes that you are taking. Participants listen to an interactive presentation given by a therapist. This presentation teaches you practical ways to address many common problems.

How many people will be at the workshop?

  • Workshops typically have 1-2 presenters and up to 25 attendees.

I have a busy schedule. How long are workshops?

  • We know that your schedule is full of important commitments that you need to keep. That's why our workshops only last 1 hour and are offered several times throughout the semester.

I'm nervous about attending a workshop. Am I going to be forced to talk?

  • Given that workshops are similar to classes, you are not required to talk during the presentation. However, students who ask questions and who are actively engaged during the workshop tend to get more out of the experience.

How do I attend a workshop?

  • Just show up! No pre-registration or trip to the Counseling Center is required!
  • Each workshop is conveniently located at the Lowman Student Center (LSC). Specific dates, times, and LSC room numbers are listed on the flyer.