Belvin-Buchanan Hall

Belvin-Buchanan Hall is the co-ed residence hall designed for students majoring in the College of Arts and Media (CAM)Located in Belvin Hall is the CAM Creative Community, a partnership between Residence Life and the College of Arts and Media, equipped with modern amenities including access to stages, screens, studios to assist you with class projects, rehearsals, and productions.

Located north of campus and adjacent to Old Main Market, Belvin-Buchanan Hall is just downhill from the heart of campus. Upon entering the lobby, residents and guests are welcomed into an extremely safe and accepting community. Floor plans include a bathtub and shower (east-west wings) or a shower only. Coinless laundry rooms are located on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors. Students have the option to choose a disabled access room or upgrade to a premium double (larger) room. The hall is equipped with central heat and air conditioning to provide a uniform temperature throughout the premises.


Below is a gallery of CAM Creative Community studio, stages and gathering areas, all housed within Belvin Hall:

Conference Room
Isolated Rooms
Outdoor Hall
Performance Studio
Reception Desk
Rehearsal Studio
Sitting Area
Stairs to Nowhere