Inclement Weather Procedure


Although Huntsville is 100 miles from the coast, the effects of hurricanes are felt here. They include: possible tornadoes, hard rain, flooding of low lying areas, high winds, and possible loss of electricity, water, and phone services. If this should occur:

  1. Check with your building staff and our website to see what precautions you will need to take.
  2. Make sure that you have a battery operated radio and flashlight on hand.
  3. Fill your car’s gas tank in advance of the storm. If Huntsville loses power, the gas stations cannot pump gas.
  4. Do not drive unless you absolutely have to. The roads will be congested with traffic.
  5. The Department of Residence Life will not house friends and relatives fleeing the storm due to limited space. Other lodging arrangements will be necessary.

Ice and Snow

Occasionally the Huntsville area is hit with a snow or ice storm. If this should occur:

  1. You would be advised to stay in your building
  2. Ice can create hazardous driving conditions on Huntsville’s hilly roads.
  3. Ice can accumulate on exterior walkways and stairwells creating a slip hazard. These areas will be de-iced by University personnel as soon as possible. However, you should exercise extreme caution when walking outside.


Thunderstorms are a common occurrence in this area. If you can stay inside, out of the storm, do so. In the event of an electrical storm you can expect the following:

  1. Possible loss of electricity and phone service.
  2. Heavy amounts of rain and possible hail.
  3. High winds.
  4. Possible flooding in low-lying areas.
  5. Dangerous lightning strikes.

Tornado Safety Rules

Listed below are safety rules that should be followed in case of a tornado:

  1. Seek shelter inside if possible.
  2. If outside, move to a low lying area like a ditch or ravine.
  3. Do not take shelter in a vehicle.
  4. Go to the center hallway, bathroom, or closet.
  5. Stay away from windows.
  6. Get under heavy furniture
  7. Avoid gymnasiums and auditoriums
  8. Keep radio and TV contact, if possible.

Remember, TORNADO WATCH means conditions are right for a tornado. TORNADO WARNING means a tornado has been sighted in this area.

Power Outages

Power outages are caused by both weather and/or mechanical failure. If the power does go out, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Have a battery operated flashlight on hand.
  2. The use of any open flame (candles, lanterns, etc.) for light is a fire hazard and strictly against the Residence Life policy.
  3. If the power outage is campus-wide, telephone service may be out.
  4. Card access will not be available during a power outage. Staff will be stationed at main entrances to allow residents access.