Central Staff

The Central Staff subsection within the Residence Life Department is comprised of members who hold a management or leadership position within the department. The responsibilities of those within Central Staff encompass the maintenance, business, and hall operations while incorporating the department’s mission to provide a safe and inviting learning environment that fosters the success and development of our student residents.

Joellen Tipton

Executive Director for Residence Life and Lowman Student Center

Joellen Tipton holds ultimate responsibility and authority for the Department of Residence Life and Lowman Student Center, serving as the official representative for both departments. All official departmental policies, procedures, and publications are developed with the assistance and approval of the Executive Director. Joellen works directly with the Directors to coordinate routine department functions and special projects, as well as budget and facility renovations. To contact Joellen or to access her calendar to set up a meeting, please call her assistant, Robin Pierson, at (936) 294-1808 or by email at hou_jnt@shsu.edu.

Dana Grant

Director of Residence Life Business Operations and Technology

Dana Grant is responsible for departmental financial functions, including budgeting and financial statements, and student accounts. Additionally, Dana coordinates the marketing, vending, and technology needs for the department. Dana directly supervises the Assistant Director for Housing Services, Assistant Director for Marketing and Guest Services, Accounting Clerk III, and System Analyst. You may reach Dana by telephone at (936) 294-1816 or by email at danagrant@shsu.edu.

Kyle Ashton

Director for Residence Life Hall Staff and Student Development

Kyle Ashton coordinates the department's Hall Staff functions, including oversight of Assistant Directors for Hall Staff Recruitment, Training, and Development, Community Development, Student Discipline, Residence Hall Directors, and Resident Advisors. Kyle also collaborates with Academic partners associated with on-campus Living Communities, including the University’s Faculty in Residence program. Kyle may be reached by calling (936) 294-1817 or by email at kyle.ashton@shsu.edu.

Katy Earp

Assistant Director for Housing Services

Katy Earp oversees the management of daily operations pertaining to the front office staff, including the Assignments Clerk, Student Relations Representative, Student Accounting Clerk, and Housing Ambassadors. Katy is responsible for maintaining and disseminating information to all current and potential students regarding housing and dining related concerns, changes, or inquiries. Katy is also the primary contact for any contract termination or waiver requests, as well as the creation and maintenance of monthly on-campus reporting. Katy may be reached by calling (936) 294-1815 or by email at kearp@shsu.edu.

Katy Pelton

Assistant Director for Facilities and Risk Management

Katy Pelton is responsible for organizing, developing and managing the Facilities Maintenance Administration areas of the Department of Residence Life. Her duties include furniture inventory and control, training and professional development, and assessment and customer satisfaction. She also acts as custodial liaison and coordinates staff and contractors. Katy may be reached at (936) 294-1813 or by email at katypelton@shsu.edu.

Zachary Taylor

Assistant Director for Student Discipline

Zachary Taylor is responsible for all issues concerning discipline in the residence halls. This position oversees the student discipline process for residents, monitors the video surveillance systems, and handles damage appeals. It works with other university departments, including the Dean of Students office, University Police Department, and the Counseling Center to ensure a safe environment for residents.

Sierra Ray=

Assistant Director of Marketing & Guest Services

Sierra Ray is responsible for marketing the Residence Life department. She develops department publications and manages multiple areas of marketing, such as website design, marketing campaigns, digital signage and social media communications. Sierra presents at events such as New Student Orientation and Saturdays at Sam. Sierra may be reached by calling (936) 294-2559 or by email at sray@shsu.edu.

Kelsey Messer

Assistant Director for Hall Staff and Community Development

Kelsey Messer coordinates staffing in the residence halls. In addition to Special Events, RA Conference, RHD supervision, and evaluation of hall staff, Kelsey coordinates programming for the department, and oversees the Hall Council, RHA, and NRHH programs, as well as the White Hall Resource and Training Area. Kelsey may be reached by calling (936) 294-3155 or by email at kcb009@shsu.edu.

Ansley Jenkins Halleck

Assistant Director for Hall Staff Recruitment, Training and Development

Ansley Jenkins Halleck coordinates staffing in the residence halls. In addition to RA and RHD selection, RHD supervision, and evaluation of hall staff, Ansley collaborates with Academic partners associated with on-campus Living Communities. Ansley may be reached by calling (936) 294-1853 or by email at axj089@shsu.edu.


System Analyst

Michael "Scooter" Osborne assists with Residence Life information systems. He determines the operational, technical and support requirements for various system platforms. He also determines location, installation, operation and maintenance needs, as well as trouble shooting technical issues for the Residence Life staff. Scooter may be reached by calling (936) 294-3360 or by email at scooter@shsu.edu.